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Feel the fear & SPEAK UP anyway

Coaches and Fempreneurs
Corporate Women


Learn to think on your feet and more! Each day you’ll be sent a simple framework to help you speak up without preparation.

Go from speaking for 1 minute to a full 4 minutes, with ease. You’ll also receive a useful tip or strategy to go with that day’s framework.

Stop doubting, get started!

Boost your business, build your career

Are you fed up with your fear of public speaking?
Maybe you had a bad experience in front of an audience and now it’s holding you back.
Maybe you worry about how to best present your material so you can build credibility or win business.
Maybe you clam up whenever you get in front of a group? The confident, chatty you disappears and you become wooden, robotic or worse – you forget what you wanted to say in the first place!
It’s time to let the real you come through.
It’s time to enjoy being ‘on stage’ instead of dreading it.
It’s time to Speak Up Like A DIVA.
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121 Clients show some love: Julie Deeks

I had my laser session following the ‘Speak up like a DIVA’ public speaking event which was truly valuable.

I have now secured my first speaking engagement on 1st June. The reason I am endorsing Shola Kaye is after the event and our laser session I have the tools, feedback and knowledge of how to put together a talk that will be engaging and potentially client attracting too.

Thank you Shola Kaye your approach has made a big difference to me and how I create my talks going forward.


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About Shola

Shola is a professional singer, a multi award-winning public speaker and speaker trainer. With an undergraduate degree from Cambridge and a PGCE (formal teaching qualification) from Oxford University, she’s been teaching, training and coaching at schools, universities and corporates for more than a decade and is also a qualified NLP Practitioner.

In the past Shola worked as a management consultant and account director in New York and London.

For women who WANT to ENJOY speaking up and being visible, Shola offers workshops and 121 coaching.

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