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Whether you’re a coach, an entrepreneur or a corporate maven

There’s a bunch of different ways you can work with me 121.

You want the special attention that comes from working closely with an expert. If so, I salute you. I think we ALL need coaching from time to time.

You need to be supported, stretched, and shown your unique brilliance.

You need someone to laugh with before you knuckle down and carry on learning.

You need someone to examine the detail of your work, point you in the right direction and urge you to keep going.

If you’re a coach or a fempreneur

Take my Build Your Business with Public Speaking 121 program, or book a 2 hour Speech Surgery session.

If you’re shimmying up the corporate career ladder

Take my Skyrocket your Career 121 program or book a Speech Surgery session. If there’s a group of you that needs help or you want me to come to your office to train you, I can do that too.

Or, come to a workshop, pre-book a speaking slot

And opt for a 121 laser coaching session. You’ll get an assessment of your speech, using the DIVA speaking framework, and a 20-minute online coaching session from me. It’s short, sweet and packs a powerful punch!

To book your laser coaching session:

  1. Check out the evening or 1-day workshops on this site
  2. Click on the Eventbrite link on that page to sign up for the workshop
  3. Book one of the options that includes the 121 coaching session
  4. Once you’ve completed your workshop I’ll be in touch to schedule your coaching

Check out the about me page to find other ways you can work with me besides 121 coaching.

You can purchase my book, download several different freebies, attend an event or even take an online course.

DIVA Case Study – Laurel Lau

Laurel, a very talented coach and healer, enrolled in the 121 program Boost Your Business Brilliantly with Public Speaking. She had explored other (well-known) public speaking programs and coaches but came to me because she wanted her speeches to ‘pop’ (her words!) and her events to be high energy, entertaining and engaging.

Before Laurel had trained to be a coach, she had studied computer science/IT. One of her desired outcomes from our coaching together was  to develop her delivery style and make it more fun and accessible rather than dry and academic.

Over the 5 sessions, we reviewed Laurel’s stories and made sure they were delivered with impact.

We brainstormed on how to create a super-engaging speech title and description. In the meantime, Laurel scheduled in and marketed her speech.

We looked at the structure of the talk along with ways to provide great takeaways and aha moments. We also focused on how to make an exciting offer so attendees would want to take things further and sign up for Laurel’s 121 coaching program.

The night before her talk, she came along to rehearse part of it at a Speak Up Like A DIVA evening event, with impressive results. We recorded the speech on video and went through it together for some last-minute learning.

The next day, she emailed me with feedback ‘It went well! I was so energized after the event – I was dancing this morning!’

Laurel had analysed her performance and showed me a list of items that went brilliantly and those she could change for next time.

I loved Laurel’s can-do attitude and her realisation that public speaking is a work in progress. We get better by doing!

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