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Time to SHINE!

“The highest honor on Earth that you will ever have is the honor of being yourself…your only true job as a human being is to discover why you came. Why you are here.” – Oprah Winfrey









Hi, I’m a multi award-winning public speaker and speaker trainer. I’m also an international performer. I’ve been teaching, training and coaching at corporates, universities and schools for more than a decade.

I once worked for blue-chip corporates in the high pressure industries of investment banking and IT management consulting in New York and London.

Sometimes I experienced the frustration of not making an impact, mainly because I lacked confidence and didn’t know how to frame and deliver my message.

As someone who was never a naturally gifted speaker and communicator, I think this makes it easier for me to plan helpful learning activities and make a connection with my clients.

I understand how they feel, having been there myself!

Now, I’ve performed for, or spoken in front of tens of thousands of people internationally. I’ve delivered for clients like Oracle, Belkin and Leica and been featured in or written for Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and the BBC.

I bring my training in cabaret, stand-up comedy and TV-presenting to the table helping people conquer fears, be their most engaging, confident selves and stand proud in front of an audience, whether during a sales meeting or at a large conference.

If formal qualifications are your thing and you’d like to see my CV, then please scroll to the bottom of this page.


I’m passionate about helping people share who they are and become their best selves. Whether I do that by keynote speaking at an event, delivering a workshop or even working with individuals, it’s what makes me tick. I have a light touch and a humorous style, making sure I always entertain as well as educate.

My audience may include those that already have the gift of the gab, have total confidence ‘on stage’ and just need some structure and fine-tuning. Or perhaps there are introverts, who don’t enjoy the spotlight but have a burning desire to share their stories, ideas and creativity.

When individuals have the confidence and tools to share their brilliance, amazing things happen. People are transformed into leaders. Teams and groups perform better. Everyone gains.

I, like many others, have been in the situation where I was afraid to speak up at work.

Afraid to share my message in case it came out wrong or was rejected by my colleagues, clients and bosses.

And that’s why I’m so committed to helping people speak up and shine NOW.

No more delaying opportunities to speak in meetings or putting life and business on hold by withholding ideas, creations and opinions.

When people stifle themselves and fail to share their magnificence it can have so many negative results including stress, resentment and poor performance.

On the other hand, being encouraged to speak up can have a significant benefit in the workplace:

  • We feel courageous and confident
  • There’s more energy available to get things done – we’re not wasting it on covering up who we are
  • Our example encourages others to speak up too
  • Our stories help colleagues and clients to get to know, like and trust us
  • Diversity in the workplace is promoted
  • There’s greater potential for collaboration
  • Fresh ideas lead to progress and innovation

And the list goes on!








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Clients include Deloitte, The Financial Conduct Authority, BUPA

Author of bestseller ‘How to be a D.I.V.A. at Public Speaking’

Author of soon to be released ‘Speak Up On The Spot’

Jenny Seagrove Speaker Award 2016 (awarded top mark worldwide)

TEDx Speaker on Empathy in the Workplace

Featured in Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, The BBC, Forbes

B.A. Natural Sciences, Cambridge University

Postgraduate Certificate of Education, Oxford University

Master of Science (Analytical Chemistry), Emory University, USA

Qualified NLP Practitioner

Former Management Consultant and Account Director in New York and London

Coached numerous private clients including lawyers, project managers, engineers and entrepreneurs

Why choose me?

  • My strengths lie in assisting my clients with the creation of a highly structured, easy to follow presentation that is also entertaining and actionable. I help clients break down complicated or dense information and communicate it in a way that’s interesting and easily understandable to non-technical audiences.
  • I help my clients with delivery and overcoming nerves, building their confidence with a bespoke approach. I equip clients with the tools they need to continue creating powerful and engaging presentations long after the coaching contract is over.
  • I have a corporate and scientific background coupled with more than 15 years in the role of professional entertainer and have performed for tens of thousands of people internationally.
  • As a both an award winning speaker and a professional singer, I also show my clients how to maximise the use of their voices, employing a range of vocal exercises to increase volume (as needed) and to improve tone and expression.
  • With training in Stand Up Comedy, TV Presenting, Sales and more, I bring a wide range of skills to the table, helping my clients gain confidence and project a powerful and influential stage presence.
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