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Become a better impromptu speaker in 7 days - email course


Sign up for the FREE email course. You'll get an email in your box every day for a week, with a useful framework and tips to help you think on your feet with ease!

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Download the PDF guide: 7 ways you might be turning your audience off, and how to win them back


Download this handy PDF guide. It'll help you keep your audience on-side.

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Download these frameworks for short speeches


A really practical guide for those occasions when you need to create a 5 minute speech and aren't quite sure which structure to use.

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Download the framework for Persuasive & Inspiring Speeches


Download this helpful checklist. It has all you need to put together a speech that will inspire your audience or get them eating out of the palm of your hand!

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Get the FREE Ebook '31 Public Speaking Tips'


Sign up for this great little ebook. It's a quick read and contains genuinely useful tips to get you started on your speaking journey.

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Get your free chapter from the bestselling book!

  • Become an INSPIRING speaker.
  • Learn 3 STORYTELLING FRAMEWORKS used by top speakers.
  • Discover the MAGIC WORD that deeply involves your audience.
  • Receive BONUS content not found in the book!
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