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Do you prefer working through coaching programs at your own pace?

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With programs to help you communicate at work, in your business and in your personal relationships you can’t go wrong!

Choose from webinars to month-long programs and beyond.

Make friends on our facebook group and link up with each other on Skype for accountability and support.

Or, come along to our monthly events where you can try out your groovy new skills in a safe space.

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From shy girl to shero

30 day online confidence and charisma booster – coming soon

30 days of fab exercises delivered to your inbox as videos and written exercises.

Speak up for your business

6 week online course – coming soon

6 weeks of lessons. Vocal exercises to warm up and free up your voice. Tongue twisters for diction. Exercises on pitch, projection and vocal variety. Exercises for business networking, business pitches, and longer talks. Impromptu speaking exercises. How to create Powerpoint slides that impress. Facebook group for support.

Diva hacks for scaredy cats

Webinar – coming soon

How to tackle nerves when you’re out public speaking or business networking

From a whisper to a roar – big voice tips for quiet chicks

webinar – coming soon

Vocal warm ups, diction and voice projection exercises

31 Terrific public speaking tips

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