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Hey Corporate DIVA!

Is public speaking the key to building your career?

You want to be at your best whether it’s speaking to your team, in a meeting or at a conference.

You KNOW you have what it takes.

Now, IT’S TIME to build up your confidence speaking to groups.

IT’S TIME to frame and showcase your skills and abilities.

IT’S TIME to persuade, inform and make your audience sit up and listen.

Here are a few of the areas I can help you with:

  • Exercises and frameworks to help you think on your feet and speak confidently without preparation
  • Telling powerful personal and client stories that draw your audience in
  • Taking a dull, dry talk or workshop and making it delicious and delightful
  • Speaking persuasively
  • Building gravitas with body language, vocal variety and more
  • Building your credibility throughout your talk with the right language and information
  • Delivering a tightly-structured, value-packed presentation that impresses your audience
  • Preparing mentally and physically for your meetings/speaking opportunities
  • Vocal and presence exercises that ensure you make an impact
  • Developing your unique DIVA style – give your audience more of who YOU are
  • And much more…

As someone who was once afraid of public speaking, I have a gentle and fun coaching approach that doesn’t feel like hard work.

I bring my experience as a professional singer, an award-winning speaker and corporate jingle-writer to your coaching,  combined with training in cabaret, stand-up comedy and TV-presenting.


IT’S TIME to work with a professional who can help you elevate your business.

PARTICIPATE in our regular evening workshops or a 1-day training event, OR, take a 121 coaching program.

Thank you Shola for the precious & priceless gift yesterday! I have spent thousands of pounds & countless hours learning & training!
Never before have I had a coaching session so precisely & perfectly made to fit the job in hand!
That one short session got me through a very challenging speech & will serve me for the rest of my life!
Lena Julie Porter


A. Skyrocket your career with powerful communication


  • 5 x 60 minute private coaching sessions – in person (Notting Hill Gate) or on Skype/Zoom
  • Develop your DIVA speaking style
  • Learn to lead using powerful storytelling
  • Principles of an effective talk, workshop or presentation
  • Learn a variety of speech structures to suit the information you need to convey
  • Tools and techniques to help you think on your feet under pressure
  • Learn a process to create your next presentation fast and with no fuss
  • Discover how to build your credibility and gravitas
  • Need to liven things up? Learn how to lift the energy and create a lighthearted learning environment
  • Work on your delivery so you create maximum impact
  • How to prepare mentally and physically for your next speaking opportunity
  • Body language – achieve congruency with your words and gestures
  • PowerPoint/slideware principles


  • Receive a 20 minute online session to analyse one of your speaking videos
  • Print or electronic version of the best-selling ‘How to be a DIVA at Public Speaking’ (£10) + workbook and online course

EXCHANGE: £750 Check it out in module form here:

Book a 10 minute call to see if it’s a good fit, or email me.

Or if you know you want to get started right away, you can make payment online.

If  you know you’ll need more than 5 sessions, find out about my signature program here:

B. Speech Surgery

A 2-hour online 121 coaching session

  • Struggling to get started? We kick things off together and I give you a plan of action to complete
  • Run your talk past me – we then work together to get it into top-notch condition
  • Polish your presentation until it sparkles, using rhetorical devices, calls to action, stories and more
  • Buff up your slides with impactful images
  • Vocal exercises to strengthen your voice for your big moment
  • Build confidence with fear-busting exercises
  • Work on any last minute jitters or concerns


  • Print or electronic version of the best-selling ‘How to be a DIVA at Public Speaking’ (£10) + workbook and online course
  • Your choice of one of my online courses, to take at your leisure


Interested? You can make payment online right now, or email me to find out more.

C. In-office coaching (from £250ph – discounts available for 2 hour session or longer)

If you’d like me to come to your office and coach you or your team, please get in touch.

With a corporate background in consulting and banking, and a scientific degree, I can help you take a technical subject and create a compelling storyline and speech that will help you win over your audience.

Previous clients include corporate lawyers, investment bankers, IT project managers, business consultants and more. I can also create drip-feed programs for you and your staff.

Find out more about my corporate services.