Do you want to promote yourself, your work or your company using public speaking?

Are you looking for help to make a winning business pitch or presentation?

Want to learn how to structure your speech to engage your audience from start to finish?

Shola will help you with all the above and more. With her public speaker training you will learn:

  • techniques to warm up your voice that will help improve your vocal range and quality
  • powerful ways to open and close your speeches
  • how to arrange your speech content for maximum impact
  • how and where to inject humour into your speeches and presentations to leave your audience wanting more
  • to use rhetorical devices that make your speeches easier to remember
  • how to speak so that you stir your audience’s imagination
  • to adjust your movement, stance and gestures so that your body language is congruent with your words
  • how to alter your voice, including volume, pitch and rate, to help add meaning to your message
  • how to avoid ‘Death by Powerpoint’
  • to create persuasive and inspiring speeches
  • tips and techniques to help you think on your feet during interviews and impromptu speaking opportunities…

and much more.

Not a native English speaker? Shola will assist you with your pronunciation so that your listeners focus on your message, not your accent.

Public speaking classes are tailored to your needs and happen on Skype or in person.

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CLients were asked for their biggest ‘Aha’ moments

The framework really helped me deliver a structured pitch/presentation in a way that was purposeful, effective, succinct and really natural. My biggest takeaway, definitely.
Melissa B., Health and wellbeing coach
Deconstruction of the presentation formula to come up with a powerful end product.
Carol W., Partner at city law firm
Pausing at the start of the talk to connect with the audience and how the energy is different developing in the direction of the flow. I loved that.
Charlene B., Journalist and marketer
I realised how to structure my talk and how important storytelling is.
Mollie T., Author

As an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner I can help you apply shortcuts to get you results fast.

I have a patient, friendly approach that will help you relax and enjoy speaking to groups. As a professional singer I’ve performed for crowds as large as 15,000 and will show you strategies to help you relish your big moment rather than approach it with dread.


All coaching is completely bespoke, tailored to the needs of the individual.

Shola has her own frameworks D.I.V.A. and R.O.C.K. which have been specially developed to help you excel at presenting in an efficient, enjoyable and memorable way.

Shola also works with private clients on what she refers to as “The BCDs of Presentation”.

She believes that all good speakers have mastered their Beliefs, Content and Delivery. This three-pronged approach is like making sure that the three legs of a stool are all sturdy and strong.

  • With the right Beliefs, speakers feel secure, knowing they have done the inner work that will allow them to stop worrying about themselves and instead focus on and be present to their audience. A certified NLP coach, Shola equips clients with empowering exercises to encourage excellence and help combat public speaking fears and phobias.
  • The correct Content is vital to ensure the speaker delivers value. This encompasses a gripping opening, a stirring close with a call to action and relevant, clear key points during the body of the speech.
  • Finally a strong Delivery with a call to action will keep the listeners engaged from start to finish and demonstrate the speaker’s poise and confidence.

To find out more and for prices, please contact Shola.

Contact Shola!
Hi Shola,

Thank you for the session, the changes after just one session are incredible. I feel my voice is liberated!

I am sticking to the speaking practice on a daily basis as I am really amazed what a difference this makes!

Rachel V.