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THE SIGNATURE ‘Expand Your Excellent Business With Public Speaking’ PROGRAM

Don’t just SHINE on stage, learn to connect, convince and to convert your audience into clients by taking the signature Speak Up Like A DIVA coaching program.


12 x 60 minute private coaching sessions, and done-for-you assistance, spread over 3 – 6 months. Delivered online.

If you pay in full your bonus is a half-day VIP session (online or in person) to find out even more about you, your business, your business goals and how you can use speaking to get all the clients and business exposure you need.

Then, over 12 sessions, we cover 7 juicy, business boosting modules.

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We take time out to dive deep into exploring you, your business, your goals, your hopes, dreams, fears and more. We look at exactly what you want to get from our time together and ways you prefer to work. We design the best course of action for you and start working on a speaking strategy for you to get the clients and business you dream of. We also explore your DIVA speaker personality and get an idea of what kind of speaker you currently are (if you’ve done any speaking) vs what kind of speaker you’d like to be! This session is delivered in-person or online.


We explore the different kinds of speaking models, your speech goals, your target audience and we review your overall speaking strategy. We take a look at your speaking style, favourite speakers and how you’d like to come across.


We get to work on the building blocks of your talk. We formulate a powerful and impactful message, select the right structure for your talk and start to gather and shape those all-important client testimonials, business stories and personal stories that will build that know, like and trust factor with your audience.


We create an exciting title with a strong promise that will make event organisers anxious to work with you and will pack out your events! We create a catchy hook for your speeches and make sure you keep your audience on the edge of their seats as you share your topic with energy, enthusiasm and real engagement.


We explore your offer and your lead magnets, making sure we have the right ones in place for the audience and subject matter of your talk. You learn how to capture the email addresses of everyone in the room so you can take things further, and how to share your products or services in such a way that you build interest and excitement without appearing salesy or sleazy. You’ll also learn when and how to follow up with your audience and how to get testimonials and valuable feedback that will help you with later speeches.


We prepare your mind, your body and your voice for your time on stage. Together we work on any fears or concerns you might have and we build your confidence so you can’t wait to get in front of that audience!


Here you learn about how to get speaking opportunities, whether that’s at other people’s events, or creating your very own. We look at where to find them, how to apply, what to say, how to follow up, and of course how to appear credible and memorable. If you’re creating your own events, we look at how to fill the room and ways to leverage partnerships and joint ventures to find even more people who want to attend!

Module 7 – IT’S SHOWTIME

How to ace your time on stage. Learning and rehearsal techniques that make it a pleasure to practise! We look at last minute tools to help you shine on stage as well as exploring pro-tips that make your audience think you’ve been doing this for years! Afraid of being caught out during the Q&A? Have no fear, we look at how to run your Q&A and also explore valuable frameworks that will help you tackle difficult questions with ease. Delivered in person or online.

The program also includes:

  • Review of your speaker marketing materials/web page
  • Copy of my best selling paperback and workbook
  • Mini 15-minute booster sessions as needed to help you get through your homework or prepare for speaking opportunities
  • Email support in between sessions
  • How to find speaking opportunities list
  • Email templates for contacting event organisers
  • Audios to work on mindset and confidence
  • Audios/videos with speaking exercises, diction drills, breathing techniques and more
  • Audience research checklist
  • Pre-speech checklists

and three JUICY bonuses:

1 – Done for you speech writing service – I interview you and outline your 20 – 45 minute keynote for you, or I outline your 1-day workshop, which we then tweak to your preference

2 – Come and speak at TWO Speak Up Like A DIVA evening workshops in London *OR* Online laser coaching and video analysis of two of your speeches (if you can’t get to the London workshops)

3 – Free access to the online course – How to be an Authentic Speaker. This course takes you through a variety of personal development exercises that will help you get to know yourself better as a speaker. You’ll explore your values, your personality, your personas, and much more, and look at how you can leverage different facets of yourself to become a better speaker. The result: a speaker who knows themselves inside and out and is MUCH more comfortable on stage in front of an audience!

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Want to upgrade your speeches to the next level?

Need to find that edge that will help you become competent and confident?

Want to earn more money or win more clients through speaking?

Need to power up your networking?

Want some tools, tips and insights you can apply quickly and without fuss?

Don’t worry.

You’ll be ready for anything on stage and will project confidence and capability.

You’ll receive no-brainer frameworks that will help you create compelling stories, find leads and useful contacts and win new business.

Plus I’ll show you how to add your own unique flair to your speeches so they reflect who you truly are.

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