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Inclusion Keynote Speaker – International Women’s Month 2022

It’s a wrap! As we wave goodbye to International Women’s month for 2022, I’d like to thank the many clients and audience members who made this such a special month for me.

I got to speak for some amazing companies in front of audience members from across the globe, and even managed to squeeze in a trip to San Diego to meet with some of my U.S.-based clients and enjoy a few days of downtime.

This year, my themed speech for IWD was ‘Break the Bias with Powerful Communication’.

By far the most popular content I shared during this interactive keynote was about the difference between Calling Out vs Calling In. We also explored some sentence starters and scenarios to help participants approach these, often difficult, interactions.

For example:

Call out – when you need to stop the person in their tracks or prevent further harm, when you’re deeply offended/upset and it’s time for the conversation to just *end*. The risk: you sever your relationship, cause offence or put yourself in a difficult position with clients, bosses etc.

Call in – when you want to preserve the relationship, are open to a conversation based on curiosity and a growth mindset, you feel uncomfortable calling out, etc.

Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s one-size fits all. Context, your personality, and your relationship with the speaker play a role here too.

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