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Public Speaking Coach in London

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Hi, I’m Shola Kaye and I’m a public speaking coach based in London. Who do I typically work with? Well, I work with a number of different groups and individuals. I work with companies and organizations who need to improve the level of the communications and public speaking skills of their teams. That could be a company, the STEM professions, it could be accountancy. It could be the legal profession, but pretty much any industry.

But I do specialize in those industries, which are a little bit more tech related or where people need to convey technical information. I also work with individuals, so they could be people who are business owners, perhaps they’re business owners who wants to start speaking on video or on podcasts or at events to promote their products and services. It could be individuals who are in the corporate workplace and they want to be better at speaking up during meetings. And they also want to create a bit of a name for themselves within their industry, by speaking at conferences. Or maybe they’re people who need to sell and they need to be better at standing up confidently in front of groups as part of a sales presentation.

I also work with executives, people who are running companies who are in the C suite at their company and they want some focused one-to-one coaching that will help them to deliver their message more powerfully. In addition to that, I have some coaching packages, which are part self study and part working with me. So if you’re looking for an economical way to work with a speaker coach, then that could be for you. So if you’re interested in that, you can go to and on that page, you’ll see the details of how I work in that way.

So you can either book for three 30 minute sessions with me, or three 25 minute sessions, really and then some self study materials. Or if you know you need a bit more, you can book six sessions with me and self study materials. And if you’re interested in the pricing of that, you can find that on the page. I also work with organizations who need a speaker to come in and talk to their group about communication skills. Could be a speech on public speaking, it could be a speech on how to be better communicators in meetings, or even how to speak better on camera. So if you feel that you need any of those things, you might need a speaker for your group, you might need some specific targeted training for your group, whether that’s delivered online or virtually, or you might need some coaching. And typically with my executives, I will go to them and we’ll work in person.

If somebody is booking the coaching package, then that’s delivered online. But if you need any of those services then I’d love to hear from you, please do get in touch. Go to the contact form on my web page, or just drop me an email and we can book up a time for a quick chat and I’ll find out how I can help you. How I can serve you and help you become a better communicator. That’s it for me. Look forward to hearing from you. Take care. Bye.

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