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These days, technical mastery is not enough by itself.
Soft skills are in high demand, even among the STEM and IT workforce.
The ability of individuals to communicate effectively, to collaborate and to build working relationships is a must in the science and technology sectors.
Our unique approach is ideal for IT and technical professionals who are short on time and love to learn via frameworks, formulas and systems. 
Learn to use the power of stories, metaphor and analogies to make connections and share complex information.
Shola’s second book is full of tools and tips for engineers, coders, IT teams, technical experts and introverts to help them speak up confidently at conferences and in meetings (available soon)
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STEM professionals are more valuable when they combine their technical expertise with strong social skills. – CSIRO

Shola provides bespoke workshops, seminars and talks for businesses on the following areas:

  • Public speaking
  • Communication frameworks
  • Think on your feet skills
  • Influence and persuasion techniques for personal impact
  • How to use metaphor, analogies and stories to explain complex information
  • Workplace empathy
Select one topic or several for a high energy and engaging session.

Recent clients include Deloitte, ACCA, The Financial Conduct Authority and BUPA.

Is it time to increase your IT staff’s:

  • value

  • productivity

  • loyalty

  • satisfaction

  • and mobility throughout your company?


  • Retain employees – With a more communicative, empathetic and understanding workplace, staff loyalty and productivity are increased.
  • Promote from within and save thousands on recruitment fees – By equipping your team with the necessary people skills you can allow them to step into client-facing, management and sales roles with ease, saving yourself time and money hiring mid-management staff.
  • Get the best out of all your people – Many STEM professionals and IT staff are introverts and may need a bit more support when it comes to stepping up and offering opinions during meetings and Q&A situations. They may be reluctant to take on public speaking roles unless encouraged.
  • Reduce inter-departmental friction – Technical professionals and IT staff are sometimes called upon to deliver bad news such as missed deadlines or the inability to deliver desired software features and functionality. When speaking to stakeholders, diplomacy, tact and greater awareness are vital skills for harmonious relationships.
  • Prevent growing pains within your organisation – Tech SMEs can grow at a lightning pace. IT staff are called upon to step out of their comfort zones. Get your culture sorted BEFORE you grow big. These masterclasses  tie in well with equipping staff with skills they can use when they become managers, staying and growing with the firm.
  • Increase your bottom line – Encourage the retention of diverse staff by creating a workplace of understanding and empathy. Studies have shown that diverse teams lead to increased profits.
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Choose from a variety of delivery methods

  • keynote speech
  • 2-3 hour masterclass
  • 1-2 day seminar
  • ongoing consultancy
  • video training modules

All of Shola’s work with audiences and delegates is interactive, impactful and transformative.

Shola uses a framework-based approach that IT staff find naturally easy to grasp and deploy. She provides situation-based systems that make it easy to select a suitable mode of communication for each setting.
We use experiential learning techniques so that each and every participant comes away with first hand experience of the tools and frameworks they’ve just been exposed to.

Teams watch videos demonstrating industry best practice, we discuss what makes a great technical presentation and break this down into manageable chunks. Attendees feel inspired, enabled and encouraged to step up and communicate in conferences and meetings.

The best teams at Google exhibit a range of soft skills: equality, generosity, curiosity toward the ideas of your teammates, empathy, and emotional intelligence. And topping the list: emotional safety. – Project Aristotle/The Washington Post

Here’s why Shola is the right choice for your IT staff and technical teams

Shola has a unique background as a former IT management consultant with a science background, who went on to become a professional performer and speaker.
She is the author of two communications books. Her second book, Speak Up on the Spot, is packed with frameworks and tips that are useful to STEM workers, professional services staff and those that need help speaking spontaneously, showing how to make the best of their superpowers in meetings and during presentations. She shares these insights during her talks and workshops.
Shola delivers from personal experience, rapidly creating a connection with her audience. During her talks and workshops she shares stories of how she initially struggled in the workplace.
Her public speaking blog is one of the top 10 most highly rated in the UK. She has successfully delivered seminars and keynotes for a range of clients including Deloitte, Lloyds Bank and The Financial Conduct Authority.

Shola is an award-winning teacher (Royal Society of Chemistry Scholarship), an award-winning speaker, and has degrees in Natural Sciences (Cambridge University) and Analytical Chemistry (Emory University, USA).

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