Did you ever get really excited about a book?

Ages ago I downloaded Playing Big: Find your voice, your vision and make things happen by Tara Mohr but have only just got around to starting it.

And wow, I can’t wait to finish and apply what I’m learning.

Tara noticed that a lot of bright women, who are great at what they do and very talented, tend to play a small game. Men, on the other hand, (sometimes with less ability and experience) swoop in with bold ideas, get things done quickly and take the credit.

The book is full of practical and useful exercises that get us to see our abilities, tap into our innate wisdom, ignore the inner critic and go for gold.

I’m still getting through it but will definitely hold a DIVA workshop and post some Facebook and Youtube videos on some of the key learnings.

In particular, the section on powerful communication is super-useful.

***Do you find yourself using words like just, actually, sorry and kind of/sort of/a bit?***

Use of these words and expressions weakens your message and makes you seem less competent.

Drop them from your language as soon as you can! Replace them with bold, decisive words that reveal confidence and capability – or just leave them out altogether.
That’s it from me. I have a book to go and finish 😉