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As well as improving my presentational skills, I now have a better understanding in offering my clients greater incentives and stronger call-to-action business proposals to work with my company.

With this entrepreneurial knowledge, I know it will enhance my enrolling skills and increase revenue for my design business.

The course was compact, very well-structured and informative. I look forward to more training sessions with Shola’s Speak Up Like a DIVA.

Nieal Grewal, Agency Director, Click-UK
Thank you Shola for the precious & priceless gift yesterday! I have spent thousands of pounds & countless hours learning & training!
Never before have I had a coaching session so precisely & perfectly made to fit the job in hand!
That one short session got me through a very challenging speech & will serve me for the rest of my life!
Lena Julie Porter
I realised how to structure my talk and how important storytelling is.
Mollie T., Author
Deconstruction of the presentation formula [helped me] to come up with a powerful end product.
Carol W., Partner at a city law firm
The framework really helped me deliver a structured pitch/presentation in a way that was purposeful, effective, succinct and really natural. My biggest takeaway, definitely.
Melissa B., Health and Wellbeing coach
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