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An eye-opener for me. I exercise empathy often however, I considered it more of a nice to have. Now I realise the importance of it in our day to day lives.
UK Black History Month – October 2021: PROUD TO BE. Need a speaker? Contact Shola to learn about her featured speech.

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Our Diversity & Inclusion sponsor on the board of directors contacted me to say he really enjoyed the talk and how engaging it was for the audience.

Natasha Gibbs – Diversity & Inclusion Council, S-RM Corporate Intelligence

You need a speaker…

who will engage and inspire your audience, whether that’s thousands of people at a virtual event or a senior leadership team of ten.

Shola’s messages are relatable, actionable and evidence-based. She speaks on Communication, Inclusive Leadership, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The end result is more empathic, engaged, and productive workplaces with compassionate leadership and happier teams.

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Why is Empathy so important?

The world is changing fast. Employees are insisting upon inclusive workplaces that foster diversity, engagement and well-being. Don’t get left behind. 
The role of empathy in the workplace:

Engagement: 77% of workers said they’d work longer hours in a more empathetic environment. – Business Solver

Innovation: ‘Empathy makes you a better innovator’ – Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Diversity & Inclusion: More empathetic leaders are better at fostering more diverse and inclusive workplaces – Forbes

Well-being: Empathy can lower stress and is an antidote to burnout – Psychology Today

Emotional Intelligence, for the first time ever, is among the LinkedIn Top 5 Most Valued Soft Skills.

Shola’s mission

Shola Kaye MSc is a communication and inclusion specialist, award-winning international keynote speaker and author.  She spent time in academic research at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) followed by several years in IT consultancy, also in the U.S.A.,  and later returned to the U.K, working as an account director for global clients in aviation and finance. Her experience as a black woman working for corporates led to an  understanding of some of the challenges faced by minority groups on multiple levels. She went on to be a professional entertainer, performing on four continents. 

Today she blends her background in both the STEM and the creative industries to share clear, effective communication frameworks that help people work better together. These are delivered in a high impact, engaging style.

Typical events include global company keynotes, leadership development sessions, employee network meetings, diversity summits and industry conferences.

What people say

The team is already looking at ways of modifying and improving our communication skills by using the frameworks Shola outlined.

Maria-Katia Sanchez, HR Strategic Partner, The United Nations Population Fund

A joy to work with. The content was so powerful and authentically delivered, our teams are still raving about it today.

Victoria Morrison, Global Marketing Director, Hotwire PR

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Why Empathy is a critical skill for your organization

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