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* Diversity and inclusion
* Communicating for belonging and impact


“It was one of the most popular events we have run; the feedback we received was fantastic! Shola was energetic and connected with the audience very well. We will certainly invite her again.”
Gokce Tuna, Imperial College Business School

“Shola was extremely professional, the feedback we received off the back of her talk was fantastic… the audience were inspired and constantly engaged throughout the session, making this a great way to open our event. I would highly recommend Shola for any organisation that is looking for an inspiring / motivational speaker on communication in the workplace.”

Victoria Legg, Business Growth Manager, NatWest Bank

Shola’s keynotes help you create a diverse, inclusive workplace with a sense of belonging.
And her frameworks, workshops and interactive sessions equip individuals with the communication skills to speak up, be heard and play their part.

Keynotes and Workshops

3 Steps to a more inclusive workplace

– How to build bridges and construct a culture of belonging

Who it’s for: Conferences, corporates, events needing an inspirational and interactive closing keynote

Learning Objectives:

  • How to listen so people feel heard
  • How to ask questions in ways that open people up rather than close them down
  • What to do to make everyone feel they belong
  • The key ingredient that will help people bond at the office
  • Why a spirit of adventure can help increase familiarity
  • Construct a 30 day plan to keep the momentum up
  • Why it’s not unusual to be afraid of what you might hear, and how to deal with the fear
  • Practice the 3 step framework that will break down barriers and create understanding

Introverts and Extroverts – getting the best out of personality types

-It’s not wrong, it’s genetic! How to create a blended workplace where everyone can thrive

Who it’s for: Conferences, associations, tech/STEM/Data teams, D&I initiatives, HR conferences, Senior leadership teams

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the neurodiversity that makes a case for introverts being a part of your inclusion initiatives
  • Learn how to get the best out of introverts on your team
  • Create an environment where introverts can flourish
  • Discover the biggest mistakes you’re making with introverts on your team, and how to avoid them
  • Understand why introverts should never be expected to fake it til they make it
  • Discover how to blend your teams to maximise effectiveness and impact
  • Learn how to unlock introvert superpowers in areas where they typically fail to shine
  • Discover the unconscious bias that stops you making the most of your introverts
Shola Kaye keynote speaker
Shola Kaye speaker

Speak Up on the Spot

– Stop holding back and start stepping up with these essential frameworks for meetings and conversations

Best for: Opening keynotes, tech/STEM/Data teams, away days and summits, diversity and inclusion events

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to tell stories that pack a punch – even in 30 seconds
  • Discover how to express your ideas with clarity and impact
  • How to stop being interrupted by sharing your ideas in the right way
  • How to slow things down when it’s moving too fast
  • Why the storytelling patterns you learned as a child might be losing you respect
  • Learn to cushion bad news so you never feel afraid to share what’s going on
  • Make connections between you and fellow conference goers 
  • Break the ice fast at your meeting
  • Practise what you learn and hit the ground running back at work

How to be a D.I.V.A. at Public Speaking

– Get noticed within your organisation and industry by speaking on stages with punch, power and personality

Who it’s for: Conference breakout sessions, events promoting diversity and inclusion, employee resource groups, STEM/data/technical teams, not just women!

Learning objectives

  • Learn why Aristotle is still relevant 2000+ years on
  • How to inspire your audience and invite them in to your world
  • How to tell stories that your audiences will thank you for
  • How to light up the stage without needing a personality transplant
  • Why you shouldn’t start writing your talk in PowerPoint (or similar software)
  • Understand and use the 4 step D.I.V.A. formula to rock on stage
  • Discover how to create a high energy presentation even when your topic is dry
  • Identify your uniqueness as a presenter
  • How to avoid having to rewrite your speech 20 times before you’re happy
  • Two confidence hacks that will help you overcome self-criticism
Shola kaye inclusion speaker

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