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Shola is a big impact speaker and compelling story teller. Her contribution to a critical event was arresting, memorable and inspiring. Be warned: her energy and positivity are highly contagious.
– Paul Keenan, President, Bauer Media Audio
Shola at WiD conference
Is it time to create a more inclusive environment at your workplace?
Do your people need to communicate more effectively?

According to Gallup, worldwide only 13% of employees report being engaged at work, and in the UK the figure is even lower at 11%!

There are so many benefits of creating an atmosphere of belonging at work, and equipping leaders and individuals with strong communication skills. If you don’t have an inclusive environment you might be missing out on:

  • happier, more efficient employees
  • increased engagement and effectiveness
  • better teamwork
  • increased staff retention and reduced turnover
  • reduced absenteeism
  • increased productivity and innovation
  • higher job satisfaction

Companies love working with Shola because of the fresh insights and strategies she brings to workplace communication.

With a background in the sciences, Shola Kaye worked as an IT consultant and account director, both in the UK and the USA. Underutilised,  she temporarily left the corporate workplace taking up an alternative career as a professional singer, entertaining people on four continents.

With a desire to help people overcome the same challenges she had faced, Shola decided to package her 15+ years of performing on stages into her best selling book, teaching people how to be Dynamic, Inspiring, Valuable and Authentic communicators.

An award-wining speaker, she also provides frameworks and strategies to help staff at all levels share their ideas and opinions with ease, clarity and impact.

These days, Shola’s high energy, engaging speeches, masterclasses and mentoring benefit organisations in two ways. By:

1. helping to build an inclusive environment where everyone feels heard, resulting in productive, innovative and creative teams

2. delivering actionable strategies to help individuals within those environments communicate effectively. This makes it easier for groups to adapt to change and increases empathy, collaboration and belonging at work.

With a UK top 10 rated video blog and a top 10 rated podcast, Shola is on a mission to help people bring their whole, confident selves to inclusive, vibrant, supportive workplaces.

Find out why clients like Deloitte, BUPA and The Financial Conduct Authority have hired Shola to work with their teams.

Or learn more about Shola’s in-office public speaker coaching for your team, available in the UK and internationally.

Past clients include:

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