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Speaker, Coach, Author & Performer

‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson
You want to speak up and share your message, and I’m here to help.
You’re an ambitious and courageous individual and you’d like to be powerful and effective at work, to build a business with public speaking or to gain the confidence to go out into the world and interact with courage and authenticity.
I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and desperate to find your voice.

Public speaking skills can help you become a change maker. If you do it right you can skyrocket your career, boost your income and make a huge impact. I’m here to help you with that!

As an award-winning speaker, a coach and an international singer I know it’s 100% about my audience and I create an engaging experience that inspires massive change and includes actionable takeaways.

You can rest assured you’re in safe hands; I’ve been performing on stages since 2001. My biggest crowd for singing is 5,000 and for speaking it’s 1500.

And if you’re looking for a speaking coach for private sessions, then why not get in touch for a consultation? Recent clients include a university lecturer wanting to create more engaging lectures, a finance professional seeking to smarten up his interview skills, and a student suffering from social anxiety who needed help with speaking up in small groups.

Tayyaba Jordan

Clients show some love: Tayyaba Jordan, Wellness Coach

After going through Shola’s signature program, I couldn’t believe the results. I gave two talks in two days with about 25 people at each talk. I ended up booking 29 consultations – people were queueing up to fill out my sign up sheet – and I gained 7 new clients. The presentations were in Dubai, and the press was there. As a result of their coverage I’ve been featured in Hello Magazine and been asked to give talks at a string of luxury gyms and a 5* spa. I’m nearly at capacity with my coaching clients and now I fly to Dubai for one week each month to give talks and deliver my wellness coaching.

Shola’s sessions taught me that it’s OK to communicate with my audiences in an authentic way. I learned the power of storytelling and also how to structure my speeches to make an offer and keep the audience engaged. I’m now earning more money than I used to in my old job as a TV producer and I’m overjoyed at being able to help so many people. https://wellnesswithme.co.uk

Read the book. The Amazon.com bestseller, How to be a DIVA at Public Speaking

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“Wow! What a treat to read. I am aiming at becoming comfortable with public speaking and I believe this will be my bible. Practical, heart-centred, detailed.” – Amazon customer

Online Training

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Here’s the preview for an online course for CareerCake TV on how to be a more engaging presenter.

Find out about my group coaching online course: Get Clients with Speaking in 60 Days

There’s a bonus module especially for those that are quiet, introverted or that experience some anxiety around public speaking. So, even if the idea of making presentations freaks you out a little bit, take the plunge, get involved and gain confidence.

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