From Empathy to Equity

Curiosity, Compassion & Communication for Happier Workplaces

From Empathy to Equity


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‘Shola is a big impact speaker and compelling story teller. Be warned: her energy and positivity are highly contagious.’
– Paul Keenan, President, Bauer Media Audio
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“Can’t thank you enough for an eye-opening session. A month after the training it’s still so fresh in our minds.”

‘Highly recommended, Shola’s approach is very engaging and effective.’

‘Highly recommend her work. We’re already looking at ways of modifying and improving our communication skills by using the frameworks Shola outlined’

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Inspire and activate your global teams to work better together. Increase inclusion and belonging through better listening, more understanding and higher levels of compassion.


Encourage more engagement and interaction among your remote and hybrid workforce. Make your online events work harder with tangible pay-offs and actionable takeaways.

Training Programs

Reduce churn, improve relations between execs, mangers and teams, create a more compassionate and loyal workplace resulting in increased productivity and engagement.

Are you looking for an engaging keynote speaker to help you make your event a success?

Shola Kaye is a keynote speaker who’s worked with some of the world’s leading organisations. Speaking on the topics of Empathy at Work, Inclusive Leadership, DEI and Communication, her sessions are actionable, energetic and have a lasting impact.

Shola Kaye Ltd can also work with you before or after your keynote to create an integrated strategy that results in lasting change. Workshops, coaching, leadership training and consulting are provided by Shola’s expert team and can all be planned to dovetail seamlessly with Shola’s keynote.

Empathy + 360 Diversity + Communication = Unstoppable Business Advantage and Happier People!

Empathy is the most important Leadership Skill

From retention to innovation to DEI, empathy can drive significant business results.

Innovation – 61% of employees with empathetic leaders reported they were able to be innovative vs 13% with less empathetic leaders

Engagement – 76% of staff with empathetic leaders reported they were engaged, vs 32% of staff with less empathetic leaders

Inclusivity – 50% of people with empathetic leaders reported an inclusive workplace vs 17% of those with less empathetic leaders

Reported in Forbes, September 2021, based on a Catalyst study.

According to BusinesSolver, 80% of millennials said they would quit if their workplace became less empathetic and that number rises to 90% for Gen Z.

Empathy matters. 


If it’s time for you to reduce churn, increase productivity and build a more empathetic, equitable culture with compassionate leaders and managers, we can help!
Keynotes are fantastic for creating awareness and getting the ball rolling, and we’ve impacted more than 100,000 audience members across the globe, from some of the world’s best known corporations.
But don’t stop there. To create lasting change your people also need ongoing training and coaching.
We have four programs that complement our engaging and powerful keynote speeches. Each may be delivered flexibly to suit your needs. Choose from a combination of inspirational keynotes,  engaging workshops and leadership coaching. Each program consists of multiple customisable sessions, helping reinforce and cement transformation. With actionable takeaways, and success measures built into every session, we do all we can to ensure transformative results.

What makes us different:

Hi, I’m Shola. As a woman, a person of colour and an introvert I understand, and have lived, some of the struggles your organisation is facing right now. I’ve worked with a range of industries from tech to financial and professional services, media, FMCG, healthcare and beyond.

My team and I break everything down into implementable frameworks and models. That way, as soon as you leave the session you have tools and insights you can use for creating an impact.

I’m a LinkedIn Learning instructor, author of 2 books, and an award-winning speaker with global clients located from California to Canary Wharf. People call our work ‘transformative’, ‘life changing’, and ‘easy to absorb’.

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Compelling research and insights on creating an empathetic workplace

We interviewed 15 leaders from international organisations to find out their thoughts on the value of an empathetic workplace.
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Supported by fascinating data from EY, McKinsey and more.

  • IMPORTANT RESEARCH on the role of empathy when creating a loyal, inclusive culture
  • EMPATHY & LEADERSHIP – key actions your senior leaders and managers need to take
  • EMPATHY, CULTURE & BELONGING – what you can do to help engagement flourish
  • BUILDING A BUSINESS CASE – step by step strategies to win over your senior decision makers

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“Shola lays out exactly what you need to lead better, sell faster, and become a genuine person of influence.” ―David Newman, CSP, Bestselling Author of Do It! Marketing and Do It! Speaking

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