Supporting your Transformation with Empathy, Inclusion & Communication Programs

Delivered by Shola and her team of expert trainers and coaches, we have four learning streams for your leaders and teams.

Whether you need keynotes, workshops or coaching, we’ll help your managers become more empathetic and inclusive, and we’ll support your employees’ DE&I progress with our trusted Empathy to Equity Blueprint program.

Our coaches are certified in many different assessments and can design a group coaching program or work with you to co-create a bespoke multi-faceted leadership program.

Effective communication is foundational to your success which is why we back up our leadership and DE&I content with communication skills training to help your leaders and teams work better together.

From 60 minute keynotes to year-long leadership transformations, we tailor our content and delivery mechanisms to your business. You can book just one session or rely on us to fulfil your training needs for the months and years ahead.

The four learning streams are:

  1. Leading with empathy
  2. Inclusive leadership
  3. The Empathy to equity blueprint
  4. Effective communication

To find out more about the sessions within each stream, keep reading this page. You are welcome to mix and match sessions, assessments and coaching based on your needs. The streams are shown to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Contact us for a full list of session descriptions with learning objectives, or book a call if you like what you see and are committed to taking the next step!

1. Leading with Empathy

Transform your culture with effective, engaging sessions for your senior execs, middle managers and emerging leaders.

Session 1.1: Elevating empathy

Session 1.2: Empathy skills for leaders and managers

Session 1.3: Leading with self-awareness and EQ (Emotional intelligence)

Session 1.4: Difficult conversations

Session 1.5: Delivering effective feedback with empathy

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Practical strategies to equip your leaders with the skills to transform your culture

2. The Inclusive Leader

Drive feelings of belonging and manage diverse teams with skill

Session 2.1: Inclusive leadership essentials

Session 2.2: Breaking down bias

Session 2.3: Microaggressions and bystander interventions

Session 2.4: Creating psychological safety and building trust

Session 2.5: Managing in a virtual environment

Session 2.6: The modern leader for the future-ready organisation: creating a motivational environment

What clients say

‘So insightful and thought provoking. You made me realise I have more to do.’

– Partner, IBM

‘The content of this session felt very timely and I would absolutely encourage others to enroll.’

– Manager, Digitas

‘Can’t thank you enough for an eye-opening session. A month after the training it’s still so fresh in our minds.’

– Team leader, American Express

3. The Empathy to Equity Blueprint

A foundational D.E.&I. program for all your employees

Session 3.1: Elevating empathy

Session 3.2: Understanding bias and intersectionality

Session 3.3: Microaggressions, bystander interventions, calling out and calling in

Session 3.4: Inclusion, allyship and being an accomplice

4. Skills for Effective Communication

Communication for confidence and workplace success

Session 4.1: Essential frameworks and tools for speaking up and being heard in meetings

Session 4.2: Presentation skills & public speaking

Session 4.3: Tools for influence and persuasion

Session 4.4: Voice, gravitas and presence

Session 4.5: Asking for what you want & managing difficult conversations

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