Public Speaking – Are you sharing your back story?

This week I’d like to know…are you sharing the stories about you and your business that enrich your clients’ and prospects’ views of you?

Watch the video to find out why I think this is important. This is just a super short summary.

Public speaking – share so people can get to know, like and trust you

First, I know you might be bored of  sharing the detail of your life and how your business came into being…but are you denying people an interesting story AND a chance to know you better before they make a buying decision?

Also, it’s sometimes confusing to people when we don’t fill them in with a bit of our history and back story. You don’t have to be one of those gurus who spends 30 minutes of a 1 hour webinar talking about your life story in laborious detail. I think we’re all a bit fed up with our time being wasted by that kind of self-indulgence.

Public speaking – we want to know what makes you tick

But, a few key details to share your motivation, your credibility, the reason you started your business or previous experience can go a long way towards building trust and even creating some intrigue or interest.

Public speaking – can you make it snappy but meaningful?

Finally, to that end, are you able to tell your story in just 2 sentences? Or in 30 seconds, or in 1 minute? It sounds tough but it’s a great skill to be able to condense a story into that short a time and for the details you share to still be meaningful.


So take some time to work on your backstory. Make it lean, mean and relevant. Have a few versions with different stories and of different lengths to pull out of the bag when you need them. Good luck!


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