Time to INVEST in your communication skills?

Private coaching with me

In addition to the executive coaching I provide companies, it’s important to me that my communication coaching is accessible. That’s why I keep a small number of slots available for individuals who want their voices heard. I can help you

  • Prepare for that big conference
  • Master speaking frameworks to help you excel during high pressure situations
  • Increase your presence and gravitas
  • Better communicate your personal brand

Typical clients include

  • Women in senior positions who need to work on executive presence, allowing them to make a greater impact
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs with a burning desire to grow their business through speaking at events and handling sales meetings with increased confidence.
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Empathy skills will help you gain people’s trust, become a better leader and make stronger connections.

Discover five steps you can take today that will help you or your team display more empathy.

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Shola’s latest book provides communication scenarios you might face in all parts of your life, and how to deal with them.

You’ll find out how to:

  • Communicate powerfully and with compassion
  • Negotiate scenarios like disagreements and upsets with tact and skill
  • Authentically use your words, voice and body to get your point across

Buy in kindle or paperback format. Available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other sellers.

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Yep, you TOO can be DYNAMIC, INSPIRING, VALUABLE & AUTHENTIC (A.K.A. a DIVA) whenever you speak!

Learn how with Shola’s Amazon bestselling book. It contains step by step instructions for how to write and deliver a winning presentation, AND it comes with a FREE online course that will show you:

  • breathing techniques to relax you ahead of a speaking gig
  • visualisations to give you confidence on stage
  • vocal exercises to help you step and and speak up like a boss

Buy in pdf, kindle paperback, and audiobook format.

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Need to make a presentation or share your opinion with very little time to prepare?

This free PDF contains five quick frameworks you can use to make your point with clarity and persuasion.

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Want more speaking gigs to elevate your career, build your business, or promote your personal brand? Then download this free guide to help you locate those all important stage opportunities.

Whether a novice, intermediate or experienced speaker there’s something here for you!

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From frameworks to negotiating your worth, this podcast covers all areas of public speaking to help you reach your goals no matter where you’re at on your journey.

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Access on-demand tips and strategies to improve your public speaking. Whether you like to watch or read, all the information is laid out for you in each post.

This award-winning blog features helpful advice to help you become an all-rounder public speaker.

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