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Private coaching with me

As a trained NLP coach, an award-winning speaker and your own personal cheerleader, I’d love to help you:

  • Prepare for that big conference
  • Improve your ability and build confidence at public speaking
  • Increase your presence and gravitas in front of groups
  • Speak up with clarity during meetings and interviews using handy frameworks
  • Find speaking opportunities

We can either work together intensively on a bespoke one to one programme or I can provide regular guidance and laser coaching while you work through one of my online courses. Drop me a message and let’s get you making progress!

Yep, you TOO can be a D.I.V.A. at Public Speaking!

Learn how with Shola’s Amazon bestselling book. AND it comes with a FREE online course that will show you:

  • breathing techniques to relax you ahead of a speaking gig
  • visualisations to give you confidence on stage
  • vocal exercises to help you step and and speak up like a boss

Buy in pdf, kindle or paperback format.

Want more speaking gigs? Then download this free guide to help you locate those all important stage opportunities.

Whether a novice, intermediate or experienced speaker there’s something here for you!


This in-depth online program is for business owners who want to get on stages and find more clients

Who’d say no to:

  • everything you need to build a business from speaking: how to find gigs; how to engage on stage;  effective rehearsal techniques and MUCH more
  • Bonus after bonus I don’t have space to share here!!?
All you need to be an effective and confident speaker in 6 weeks! Includes:
  • Be FAB on stage with bite size lessons and helpful exercises to get you there
  • How to speak for up to 4 minutes with NO rehearsal – speak off the cuff with ease
  • How to rehearse your speech and feel confident on stage
  • Bonus modules to help you with body language, confidence and more
  • More than 6 hours of content