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Looking for a super-engaging speaker (online and off), MC or chair?

Shola is the perfect facilitator for your next Board/Exco meeting; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion event; or Employee Resource Group session.
She shares personal stories to connect with her audience as well as useful, applicable tools and insights that delegates can immediately put into practice.
Sessions are inspiring and informative with actionable takeaways.
Virtual sessions are interactive and include chat, polls and breakouts to keep everyone involved.
Some of the conferences Shola has been asked to present at include:
  • Women in Engineering
  • Women in Tech
  • Women in Tech Festival
  • Women in Law
  • Women in Shipping
  • Women in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Women in Automotive
  • Women in Data

She runs sessions for senior leaders on Inclusive Leadership.

Shola has moderated conference sessions on topics such as futurism, recruitment, and marketing innovation.

Keynote speaker at the Royal College of Engineering
Conference chair at Women in Law


This year for IWD, Shola Kaye shared how we can all be D.I.V.A.S. in the workplace, elevating our voices, increasing visibility, and creating opportunities for permanent change.
Challenging the status quo can be tough, and when we’re under pressure at work, instead of speaking up it can sometimes seem easier to take a back seat.
This celebratory, interactive keynote, with live demonstrations, chat and real-time Q&A,  is designed to support you in being seen, heard and valued. You’ll leave with practical communication tools to help you become more:

*DYNAMIC – Stop being a wallflower and instead, receive the attention you deserve during meetings and high stakes conversations
*INSPIRING – Develop a powerful brand story and use your career challenges to motivate and mobilise others
*VALUABLE – Share your opinion with clarity and precision using a simple but effective communication tool
*AUTHENTIC – Determine your communication values and develop an unshakeable foundation for speaking up
*SUPPORTIVE – Pick up strategies to amplify the voices of your colleagues and peers

Everyone can learn from this talk, not just women. We can all be D.I.V.A.S.

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Being a D.I.V.A. at communication

COMMUNICATION: Expressing your personal brand at work as a woman or minority

Articulate your value, develop your brand story, and shine!

For women and minorities, speaking up in the ‘wrong’ way can lead to the perception that we’re angry or have a chip on our shoulders. This can hamper progress at work, keeping us from reaching our full potentials. In addition, we may be reluctant to share our stories of overcoming challenges out of fear of being seen as too pushy or boastful.
So, how do we communicate our worth in the workplace? How do we convey the important work we do and achieve the recognition we deserve?
This speech shares valuable tools and mindset shifts to help you move ahead with confidence, shoring up your foundations with the understanding that you’re putting your best foot forward and presenting yourself as a person of influence and value.

Learning objectives:

  • Use your personal and work values to ensure you’re communicating your best self
  • Tell your brand story in a way that’s powerful, valuable, and inspiring
  • Understand the impact you have on others and develop the gravitas you need to be taken seriously
  • Learn to read the personalities of your colleagues and increase your powers of persuasion

Keynote or workshop

Shola Kaye speaker
Shola Kaye keynote speaker

COMMUNICATION: Powerful under pressure

Communicate with impact and influence during meetings, Q&A sessions, interviews, and other high-stakes situations

Do you thrive under pressure, communicating with poise and power, or do you crumple into a stumbling wreck?
This practical, inspiring, and essential keynote will help you develop strategies to excel under fire during tough meetings and conversations. You’ll learn frameworks and strategies that will help you stay cool and collected, inspiring trust and respect in those around you. Whether dealing with a difficult customer, handling a question that could trip you up, or putting your best foot forward during an interview situation, these techniques will help you come out on top.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn to express your opinions with a clarity that stops interruptions in their tracks
  • Deliver bad news with poise using this simple technique
  • Quickly analyse various types of difficult questions and assess the best ways to respond
  • Share your ideas persuasively, encouraging others to take action

Keynote or workshop

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