Public speaking know your audience

2020-08-23T12:25:22+00:00 It's important to know your audience so you can tailor your message Hi, it's Shola here. And today, we're going to talk about knowing your audience when you're doing your public speaking because knowing your audiences is probably one of the most important things because without knowing who the audience are, it's very hard [...]

Public speaking know your audience2020-08-23T12:25:22+00:00

How do I use note cards during my presentation?

2020-08-23T12:56:16+00:00 Notecards can be great prompts and make a speaker look prepared Hi. How do you use notecards during your presentation? I'm Shola and I'm a speaker coach and a speaker and I think notecards are brilliant thing to use when you're making presentations because they are a small enough. If you've got a three [...]

How do I use note cards during my presentation?2020-08-23T12:56:16+00:00

How do I get my presentation going?

2020-08-23T13:06:00+00:00 Give your presentation momentum from the get go by starting with an attention grabber How do you get your presentation going and give it that bit of momentum so that it drives forwards and everybody has a great time? Hi, I'm Shola Kaye, and that's the question I'm going to ask or answer, should [...]

How do I get my presentation going?2020-08-23T13:06:00+00:00