Public Speaking – (BEHIND THE SCENES) – Finding time to KEEP LEARNING

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This is one of my behind-the-scenes videos and I want to share how I find time to keep learning. Have you ever thought I would love to learn to do XYZ but I don’t have time?

Before I go into that, my name is Shola Kaye. My business is called Speak Up like a D.I.V.A. and I help people become better communicators. Whether that’s going into their workplace and delivering a master class or a keynote speech, or working with people individually.

I quite often have people say “I would love to do your Get Clients with Speaking program Shola but I don’t have time”. In addition to that, “when I take online courses I tend to abandon them part way through”. First of all, regarding Get Clients with Speaking it has an online component. There’s a lot of content online but also there are live classes with me and you get one-to-one accountability coaching with a lady who works with me, who’s a very capable coach in her own right. But I don’t want to just talk about my courses and my coaching here.

Public Speaking – getting around the excuses and making a commitment

I want to speak on a more global level and share with you what I do to find time to keep learning. I I’m one of those unfortunate types who likes to learn stuff for its own sake. I understand that it really is however much you know if you don’t implement it then does that mean you’ve wasted your time quite possibly. However, I love to learn things for their own sake to know them and then also to of course implement things as well in my business and in my life.

When we are so busy (because everyone’s pretty busy these days) when we’re quite busy it’s hard to find time to actually commit to “I’m going to sit down, I’m going to spend an hour today on this course or reading this book or listening to this podcast” it can be hard to find time. I’m going to share what I do. I’m not saying that everybody can do this, because not everybody does things the way I do them, but just to share a little bit of behind-the-scenes you know of how things are for me.

As I love to learn new material and I was struggling like “there’s not time” or/and “I can’t justify the time to sit down and learn something new at my desk and take it online course or to watch some sort of online seminar because I’ve got so much other stuff to do”. But what I’ve started to do just recently is to work out at the same time as watching online training.

Public Speaking – making learning a part of my daily routine

The way that I do that is – I don’t go to the gym, I used to live right opposite of gym and I’d be a real gym bunny, but since I moved – I have a rebounder and some kettlebells and things at home. I use those at home to workout. I also play a bit of tennis from time to time. Because I workout at home and in my bedroom, what I can do is I set up my laptop or an iPad or similar device on the bed and I play whatever module it is of the latest online course that I’m studying.

I do interval training so that means that I might do the 30 second hard bursts of work and then 30 seconds off. Or maybe it’s 45 seconds on 15 seconds off. I will be playing whatever it is I’m watching exercising do my star jumps or kettlebell swings and then in that 30-minute break that I of 30 seconds let’s say… can you imagine do like 30 seconds on 30 minutes off hahaha… that’d be a workout, wouldn’t it?

In that 30-second break or 15-second break I will often jump off my rebounder (my little mini trampoline) and I’ll have a notebook and a pen there. Then I’ll just stop down a couple of notes of what I’ve listened to. When it’s time for the 30 seconds of work to resume or jump back on the rebounder again.

To some that is not going to be the way that they will enjoy studying. Some people like to sit down and they like to really focus their attention on just one thing, they don’t want to multitask. I get that, I know that multitasking is not always the best way to approach stuff. For me it’s like a bonus, learning this material is entertainment. I just love learning new stuff. It’s almost like someone watching TV watching, their favourite Netflix while they’re on their treadmill say, on the exercise bike. That’s how it feels to me.

Public Speaking – reviewing notes later helps me identify what’s important

I find it a really invigorating way to start my morning. Not only am I getting my exercise but I’m also getting my fix of learning something new. What that means is all these of programs and the content that I wanted to consume and I thought “God, I’ve got a really just set aside a brook of time to consume that at my desk or go to a workshop or whatever” it might be. All of that now, is accessible to me and I can justify watching it every single day because I’m doing my exercise at the same time.

So that’s all… oh, windows is making a noise… that’s how I find time to consume new information to keep taking courses and classes and to keep learning. You might think “I’m sure she doesn’t absorb very much if she’s jumping around on a rebounder or swinging a kettlebell at the same time as watching an educational video”. Then what I also do with those notes that I make, which as you can imagine the handwriting’s pretty scrambled up, right? What I do with those is, when I have a quiet moment, perhaps it’s watching telly or just chilling out or whatever, I will either review them just read them through or I’ll either type them up.

I get to look through that content a couple of times and then by that time aren’t the things that are important to me to absorb and take in then I’ll do that. Other bits which are kind of not more filler or not so interesting to me, I’ll leave those. Then, of course, I’ve got that in mind to actually integrate into my business and to act upon. That’s how I keep learning but also keep exercising at the same time.

Public Speaking – coupling an enjoyable task with one you don’t enjoy so much makes a difference

The payoff for me is just that I just love to learn new stuff. I don’t only confine it to when I exercise. By tying it in with exercise it makes exercise more pleasurable for me. I like to be healthy but I can’t say I particularly enjoy getting up and exercising every single day. So I’m coupling something very pleasurable with something that is perhaps less pleasurable but I enjoy more now by educating myself at the same time as exercising.

Here’s another behind the scenes video giving you a few insights into how I do my thing! I hope maybe there’s something that you can take away that’s useful. Or if you completely disagree with the way that I do things I’d love to hear from you as well. You can share the way that you make it happen and maybe I’ll get some tips and tricks from you. I hope so.

If you are interested in Get Clients with Speaking then if you just go to show you can find out more about that program. I’ve had clients who are on the program who’ve said to me “I was in the kitchen cooking the other day and I decided I’d get the phone and play one of your training videos while I was cooking”. Other people are finding ways to consume online training and online content at the same time as getting on with daily household chores. So if they can do it then maybe you can do it as well.

That’s it from me and I’ll see you soon. Bye!


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