Public Speaking – Shine the spotlight ON YOUR AUDIENCE

Watch the video for a longer treatment of this subject.

Are you afraid that your audience is looking at you and trying to take you apart in their minds, finding fault, and analysing your every move?

If so, then watch the video or read this quick summary!

Feeling self-conscious when public speaking

Many of my clients come to me because they hate that self-conscious feeling that we get when we feel we’re being scrutinised by the audience.

But you don’t have to feel that way!

Instead of feeling that the spotlight of their attention is shining brightly in your face, turn the tables. Shine that spotlight on them!!

After all, public speaking is all about serving your audience with your message. So why not think differently.

You’re there to serve when public speaking

Imagine you’re a super-attentive waiter or a caring teacher who wants their diners or their students to have a great time.

Your hard work starts with making sure you know the audience (do your research). Then, during your talk, you want to be paying careful attention to them to make sure they’re engaged and interested.

Get them involved with questions and interactive exercises. Monitor their expressions and focus your attention on them.

Get out of your own head when you’re on stage speaking

Sometimes, when I’m performing or speaking, I feel myself getting into my own head and wondering about how I’m doing and what people are thinking of me. That’s a perfect moment to stop navel-gazing and get hyper-focused on connecting with the audience.

Imagine that it’s all about them (because it is!) and being present to them and making sure they get what they came for is all that matters.

You’ll stop worrying about yourself and focus your attention where it needs to be – on your audience!


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