Public Speaking – So you want to be a Motivational Speaker?

In this post I share a few tips and insights about getting started as a motivational speaker.

Public speaking – we all need a bit of motivation!

From schools to corporations, motivational speakers, or at least, a speaker who’s able to motivate their audience, are still very much in demand.

It can be tricky to get paid to be a motivational speaker immediately. You need a track record.

In the video I share how you can get started and a chance for you to make a huge difference in people’s lives.

I also share how I took a tip I learned from watching renowned motivational speaker Les Brown. I tried it out with a school audience and received some interesting feedback!

Watch it to find out more and then if it’s your dream to motivate and inspire from the stage, just get started!!

Find a place to speak and see if your motivational message works.

Best of luck!


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