Public Speaking – A useful framework for telling Client Stories

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Whether you’re public speaking or making a pitch at a networking session (still public speaking!) there’ll probably come a time when you want to share success stories – either your own or that of a client.

There’s a handy framework for doing this. HR people love it as it’s useful for sharing your competencies during job interviews, but it’s also useful for bragging (just a teeny bit) about your business success.

It’s one I frequently share with my clients who come to me for help with business networking and with promoting their biz with speaking.

Public Speaking – the STAR framework for telling stories


You can use the SITUATION part to set up your story. What was your client’s situation before they met you? Why did they come to you for help? Paint a picture of a client in need!

TASK is all about what you were tasked to do to solve the problem.

ACTION refers to the action you took to solve the problem. Make your story more exciting by referring to looming deadlines, tight budgets and exacting standards that served to make it harder for you to get the job done.

RESULT – how did things turn out? Of course, you saved the day and everything was hunky dory, but make sure you explain how happy your client was as a result. Share how much money you saved them, or what penalties you prevented them from suffering in the nick of time.

Make a commitment to being interesting during Public Speaking

When we’re telling stories about our accomplishments there’s a tendency to make them sound a bit dry and boring because we don’t want to big ourselves up too much.

BUT…if you’re committing to telling this story, then also commit to making it as interesting as possible which includes rich detail.

There’s more on how to tell great stories in my module on being an INSPIRING speaker, found in 6 Week Speaking Success and Get Clients with Speaking.

Public speaking – telling client stories

For more detail, take some time out to watch the video above, but I hope this serves to help you with structuring those tales of your accomplishments. It’s important to share this information so instead of it sounding like a rambling account, make it to the point and precise with the STAR framework!


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