Public Speaking – How can you become more persuasive?

Today let’s talk about how you can get people to say a resounding YES to you, when you’re selling or sharing your products and services (or even just your ideas) from the stage.

Watch the video for a full description, including the story of how, as a graduate student,  I was persuaded to part with hard-earned money I didn’t have by a wily car salesman. The below is a quick summary.

The principles of INFLUENCE

I recently worked with a client who wanted to become more influential in his business. He needed to win more pitches, and make more of an impact to aggressively grow his company.

One of the things we discussed were the six principles of Influence found in Robert Cialdini’s much-referenced book called…’Influence – the psychology of persuasion’.

In particular, we talked about the principle of COMMITMENT.

Getting to the YES during public speaking

By asking questions throughout your presentation that cause your audience to say yes, you prepare them to say YES to you at the the end of your presentation….and that final big YES is the one that might well get them to take the next step with you.

These yeses are called micro commitments.

The more micro commitments people make to you during your talk, the greater the likelihood that they’ll make a bigger commitment to you later on.

So pepper your talk with questions that have them agreeing with you, agreeing with your ideas and more.

Watch the video for a full description. This is just a ‘micro’ summary!


Does that make sense? ‘Yes’

Would you like to be more persuasive? ‘Yes’

Are you going to watch the video? – Aherrrm, now you know what to say next right?



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