Techniques for clear, confident communication

– Stop holding back and start stepping up with these essential frameworks for meetings and conversations

Best for: Opening keynotes, tech/STEM/Data teams, away days and summits, diversity and inclusion events

This high energy, inspiring and transformational keynote will get your people communicating with each other in the room. As such it’s great for events where strangers are coming together or where the audience comprises teams from different locations. The tools individuals pick up are also great for raising profiles within their organisation and connecting with colleagues, so this talk is also useful as part of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Women, quieter individuals and other groups frequently complain about being spoken over during meetings. Other problems include their ideas being ignored only for the same suggestion to be embraced enthusiastically a few minutes later when voiced by a more popular or vocal colleague. This speech provides frameworks to help their ideas cut through and get noticed.

The keynote starts off with Shola’s story about being reluctant to speak up in the workplace and resonates with many who have been cut off or interrupted in meetings, or who need techniques to be heard during fast-paced sessions and high stakes conversations.

Individuals then learn several useful frameworks they can carry away with them to the office. Not only this but they practise these with their neighbours. This serves as a great icebreaker creating bonds and inviting strangers to interact with openness and a sense of adventure. The session is particularly effective with technically minded or data driven groups who sometimes need a bit of encouragement to warm up and interact during conferences, off-sites and summits.

The result:

The outcome of this keynote is that individuals feel more confident speaking up in a punchy, concise way. They are equipped with storytelling formulas that keep them on track, and frameworks to be more persuasive, using more than just logic to make their case. In a fast-paced meeting environment individuals get their ideas across with more impact and greater effectiveness. They are able to raise their profile, and become seen as viable, influential candidates who are equipped for fast-track progress within the organisation.

I loved that storytelling framework you showed us at the conference. I used it in a meeting yesterday and it was bang on!

– S. T., Royal Bank of Scotland

Learning objectives:

  • Walk away with powerful communication tools you can use immediately
  • Make meetings more productive
  • Learn how to tell stories that pack a punch – in as little as 30 seconds
  • Discover how to express any idea with clarity and impact
  • Share your ideas in the right way and stop colleagues interrupting you in meetings
  • How to collaborate with others to ensure you’re seen, heard and valued
  • Why the storytelling patterns you learned as a child might be losing you respect
  • How to slow things down when it’s moving too fast in meetings
  • Learn to cushion bad news so you never feel afraid to share what’s going on
  • Avoid being cornered and get out of tight spots with useful hedging techniques

Format: 20 minute to 1 hour keynote, half day workshop, 1-day session

All sections of the workshop were relevant to everyone, no matter what industry sector they were in. Exercises were clearly explained and the content assumed a level of seniority and wasn’t at all patronising. I would highly recommend this workshop to colleagues and associates.

– Charlotte Rottenburg, Harper’s Bazaar/Hearst Live

I reached out to Shola, following an introduction from a colleague within our inclusion team. The audience were inspired and constantly engaged throughout the session, making this a great way to open our event. I would highly recommend Shola for any organisation that is looking for an inspiring / motivational speaker on communication in the workplace.

– Victoria Legg, NatWest