ei accelerator

ei accelerator


Are your leaders struggling to create an environment of support and belonging for your people?
Maybe they lack self-awareness and don’t realise that some of their behaviour is having a negative impact on the team.
Or, having been promoted because of excellent technical skills, they’re now struggling with the more human elements of being a manager.

When managers lack emotional intelligence, the impact can lead to:

  • Increased misunderstandings and diminished trust within the team

  • Ineffective communication which can spiral into unresolved conflict

  • Decreased employee morale and productivity due to lack of empathy

  • High turnover rates as employees choose to leave teams where they feel unheard and undervalued

And if you’re serious about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, your managers need emotional intelligence to create and sustain an atmosphere of belonging. They also need the self-awareness to recognise their own intrinsic biases that might get in the way of team success.

Emotional Intelligence isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. The absence of it in management can result in tangible losses and missed opportunities.


  • Emotional Intelligence was found to be the strongest predictor of performance out of 34 essential workplace skills.
  • Emotionally Intelligent people make $29,000 more per year.
  • The demand for emotional skills will grow by 26% by 2030.
  • It is also among the 10 most in-demand skills and will be through at least 2025.
  • 75% of managers use emotional intelligence to gauge an employees’ readiness for promotion and eligibility for a raise.


The EI ACCELERATOR equips your leaders with the tools they need to succeed, helping create committed, engaged and productive teams and providing a foundation for the progress of your organisation.

The EI ACCELERATOR consists of:

  • 1

    Individual and group assessments to determine the emotional intelligence capabilities and challenges of your managers

  • 2

    Workshops to help your leaders develop the skills and self-awareness they need for success

  • 3

    Coaching, whether 1:1 or in groups, to bring about deeper understanding and behaviour change.

We have a transatlantic, culturally sensitive team of certified EI facilitators and coaches who deliver your program in-person or virtually.

We co-create the details and success measurements with you, leveraging our expertise and your unique knowledge of what works well at your organisation.