The Speaker Who Sings

Speech: Find Your Voice

This 45 minute to 1 hour keynote speech is suitable for groups, particularly women, that need to be inspired to speak up and find their voices. She uses a combination of good old fashioned storytelling, humour and songs that have lifted the hearts of millions all around the world.

In her trademark upbeat, down to earth style, Shola shares her 3 step technique to help your delegates find their own unique voice and feel empowered to be heard. With stories weaving from her childhood being fostered, to her experiences working in corporations in the UK and USA, to tales of real-life, every day heroes who possessed the courage to speak up, Shola leaves the audience with an inspiring, practical take-home message that they can apply immediately to their own lives.

Workshop: Find your VOICE, change your life

In this inspiring two hour or full day workshop, Shola will take your group through her unique V.O.I.C.E.S system.  Each individual is encouraged to participate in group and solo exercises and by the end of the session participants will be inspired to communicate powerfully and authentically and will be well on the way to finding their authentic voice.

Applicable to both businesses and individuals, this inspiring system will help you identify your unique, authentic voice and gain the confidence to be the real you.

  • Realistically assess who you are, where you are and what you stand for.
  • Discover the vitality that comes from being your true self.
  • Experiment, express and communicate as the real you emerges.
  • Have fun in the process.
Shola ran a great workshop which I was fortunate enough to attend, really helping to think positively and turn situations around. Very professional and engaging – and fun too! Recommended.
David Hothersall, CEO, Spottinstyle
As an entrepreneur attending Shola’s workshop I found it both beneficial and interesting in an area overlooked by a number of us. Mindset can define our success either way and Shola helped us to understand this better and progress as a result.
Ben Bidwell, CEO, Clipcrowd

Speech: How to write a rock-star speech – 5 easy lessons from the world’s top pop songs

This 45 minute to 1 hour experiential speech is suitable for corporates needing to lift the quality of staff presentations, and any group wanting to craft compelling speeches.

Pop songwriters are amongst the most talented writers around. They have less than 4-minutes to create an impactful, exciting and memorable message, and for this skill they earn millions.

How can we as speechwriters harness those skills to create sizzling presentations?

In this insightful and practical talk, Shola discusses and plays clips from some of the world’s biggest pop songs, from the likes of Bowie, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Delegates are shown how to analyse these songs and apply the key features to their speeches making them compelling and unforgettable.

With a unique background as a performing artist, former business consultant and prize-winning songwriter Shola will share techniques used to prepare and deliver engaging speeches that will make your audience sit up, listen and remember, rather than lean back, switch off and forget.

Shola was the opening and closing speaker at our event and tailored her speech to cater for needs of the audience. She is a brilliant speaker.
An absolute professional, she was very easy to work with and her style is an entertaining combination of high energy, humorous tales and warm authenticity. There was a powerful take home message behind every story she shared and our attendees were fully engaged from the first moment.
I look forward to inviting Shola back to other events here at Lloyds.
Sarita Yadav, Lloyds Bank
Dear Shola,
Thank you for a fabulous hosting of our event. You did your homework thoroughly and were fully prepared for our attendees. You MC’d the evening with energy, enthusiasm and power. You made the audience laugh with your insightful opening address and off the cuff remarks. Your input contributed to a wonderfully successful night.
Julia Kettlewell, Area Director, Toastmasters International

Workshop: How to write a rock-star speech – Lessons from the world’s top pop songs

In this half-day or full-day experiential workshop, Shola shows you how to take elements of some of the world’s most famous songs, and apply them to your speeches to give your audience a more impactful, memorable and exciting experience.  During the session you re-write an existing presentation or create a new one from scratch. Session also includes listening to audio clips and group discussion. Delegates will leave with a surer knowledge of how to create a compelling, sit-up-and-listen presentation.

Shola came and spoke to our Amway Business Owners and gave us an inspirational talk on the subject of Finding Your Voice. We were amazed that someone who used to hide in meetings for fear of speaking up could deliver a presentation with such presence and command such attention – all due to her highly engaging delivery style. Shola kept us engaged with her voice, her body and her story. We were carried on her journey with such detail as if we were part of it ourselves.

The impact of Shola’s singing was so important in bringing the audience together in timely participation. It was the perfect end to a brilliant speech which will be so easy to remember!

I’d definitely have Shola speak to our group again because she was able to connect so well with our business owners and was able to tell her story in such a relatable way.

Maxine Gabriel, Maxine Gabriel, Amway Education Manager, UK & ROI