How I’m different- Entertainer

2020-08-21T13:56:28+00:00 How I'm different - I have an entertainment background This is one of a series of videos about how and why I'm a bit different than the typical speaker coach and speaker. And in this one, I'm going to talk about my entertainment background. So you may have watched the one already where I [...]

How I’m different- Entertainer2020-08-21T13:56:28+00:00

How I’m different- Introvert

2020-08-21T14:05:24+00:00 Introverts can be good speakers Hi, thanks for watching this video. This is the third little video on possibly why or how I'm a bit different than some other speaker coaches. And this one is on introversion. I don't really want to label myself, or anyone else, but typically a lot of the speaker [...]

How I’m different- Introvert2020-08-21T14:05:24+00:00

How I’m different – Interactivity

2020-08-21T14:12:55+00:00 These days people love interactive speakers This quick video is to share some of the ways that I'm possibly a bit different than the next coach. Perhaps some ways that you might be more attracted to me as a coach, or maybe you might run away in the opposite direction, both are fine. This [...]

How I’m different – Interactivity2020-08-21T14:12:55+00:00