How do I gain public speaking confidence?

2020-08-21T14:59:12+00:00 Confidence comes from action - find a place to practise How can you become a more confident public speaker? I'm Shola, thanks for tuning in. I'm a public speaking coach based in the UK, and I am also a professional speaker. Now how do you get more confidence as a speaker? Well, a number [...]

How do I gain public speaking confidence?2020-08-21T14:59:12+00:00

Can public speaking be learned?

2020-08-22T16:40:21+00:00 Speakers aren't born, they are made Can you learn public speaking? Or are there some people who were born to be speakers and others who were born to only stay away from the speaking platform because they are so atrocious and so awful? Well, thankfully the answer is that yes, you can learn public [...]

Can public speaking be learned?2020-08-22T16:40:21+00:00