How to be a D.I.V.A. at Public Speaking


Shola's book In this accessible, unique and practical book, you'll learn how to be a DYNAMIC, INSPIRING, VALUABLE and AUTHENTIC presenter. You will walk away with: The four step DIVA Speaking SystemTMA step-by-step process to help you craft, remember and deliver a high quality presentationHow to prepare mentally and physically for your next talkWhere to find speaking gigs and how to keep [...]

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Public speaking techniques

2020-08-23T12:44:36+00:00 Learn my D.I.V.A. framework - a shortcut to all the important public speaking techniques Hi, this is a very quick video about public speaking techniques. And as you can probably imagine, there are many of them. So what I want to do is summarize them in a framework that I use with my clients [...]

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What’s the difference between a presentation and facilitation?

2020-08-27T09:46:23+00:00 Presenting and facilitating are two different roles What is the difference between being a presenter and being a facilitator? Between a presentation and between facilitation? Hi, I'm Shola, I'm a professional speaking coach and a professional speaker based in London and I'm going to answer that question for you right now. Because if you [...]

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What has public speaking taught me?

2020-08-27T10:04:50+00:00 Public speaking changed my life and it can change yours too How can public speaking change your life? You have your situation that you're in at the moment. Sorry, I don't know who you are. I'd love to know. Put your name in the comments below. Let me know who you are. So, I [...]

What has public speaking taught me?2020-08-27T10:04:50+00:00
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