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Learn the skills you need My private coaching package will help you get back your confidence and start presenting with power, presence and persuasion.  You’ll learn everything you need to create presentations quickly and easily, and your talks and on-camera appearances will be confident, packed with value and engaging. My heart breaks when I see [...]

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Can public speaking cause anxiety?

2020-08-22T17:06:56+00:00 It's perfectly normal to feel anxious and concerned about public speaking Can public speaking cause anxiety? Hi, I'm Shola. I'm a speaker coach and a professional speaker. And yes, public speaking can cause you to feel anxious and concerned. And it's quite normal to be perfectly honest, especially when people are starting out. So [...]

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Public Speaking Coach in London

2020-08-27T10:29:47+00:00 Hi, I'm Shola Kaye and I'm a public speaking coach based in London. Who do I typically work with? Well, I work with a number of different groups and individuals. I work with companies and organizations who need to improve the level of the communications and public speaking skills of their teams. That could [...]

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How I’m different – STEM background

2020-08-27T10:17:18+00:00 My approach to speaking is a mix between science and the arts Hi, Shola here. This is one of several videos on what makes me different, a little bit different than the next speaker coach or the next speaker. And one of the areas of difference, I think, is the fact that I have [...]

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