Whether you’re a CEO, a coach, or a corporate maven…

Coaches and entrepreneurs: Learn how to promote your business with speaking so you can sell more of your products and services. Run workshops to demonstrate your expertise and build your brand.

C-suite execs and corporate leaders: Master the principles of persuasion, nail high profile and high pressure presentations, be your best self in high stakes speaking situations.

Employees: Speak up confidently during meetings and presentations. Ace job interviews with precise frameworks and crisp delivery. Embrace think on your feet strategies so you’re never at a loss for words.

I also work with introverts and quiet or sensitive people who know it’s time to be seen and need the inside scoop on how to manage energy and succeed on stage.

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If you’re struggling to communicate in the way you’d like, know that you CAN turn things around! I work with clients to help them find their communication super-powers, to play to their strengths and to build the confidence required to become comfortable with visibility.

More than a decade ago, despite being in a corporate management role, I was a timid communicator. I’d never have dreamed that years later I’d become an award-winning public speaker and an international singer.

As a quiet person myself who regularly ‘performs’ in front of large groups, I share my experiences and coping mechanisms to show clients that everything is possible and that they don’t need to change their personality to be successful communicators.

I think it’s vitally important for clients to have their own style and I have developed some tips and tricks for introverts and quiet people who find it draining and/or intimidating to have to spend extended periods of time in front of an audience during talks and workshops.

I also use a ‘framework’ approach to help clients stay present to their audiences during communication. This is particularly useful for those that frequently find themselves in situations where they have to speak to small groups or participate in work-related conversations and need to avoid rambling or under-sharing.

I use the D.I.V.A. model (Dynamic, Inspiring, Valuable, Authentic) to ensure my clients are all-rounder public speakers, giving them an easy way to check that their communications tick all the boxes.

All private coaching requires a minimum 3-hour commitment so we can make some REAL headway while we’re together!

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We can work in person (Notting Hill Gate, at a hotel in Central London) or online.

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Clients show some love: Ahmed Shelbaya, Construction and Finishing CEO

As a young founder and CEO, I spent the last two years rapidly growing my business – a construction and finishing firm. We are winning contracts with multinational companies and are turning over multi-millions each year. But I felt that I could do more.

I wanted to improve my communication with our board of directors, during pitches for high profile construction projects and with my employees. I found Shola online and her description of how she works using frameworks to increase confidence and help clients speak on the fly, was very appealing to me. I booked a trip to London for a week and engaged Shola for 5 days of intensive coaching sessions. 

Shola taught me a wide variety of frameworks that I can use in different situations, from storytelling, to pitching, to explaining my point during meetings and so much more. We worked on role play to get me feeling comfortable with all that I had learned and we also practised the principles of influence, applying them to my business so I can be far more persuasive when selling our construction contracts. 

Our sessions were intense, practical and enjoyable. I’m now planning a series of top-up Skype sessions with Shola to reinforce what I’ve learned.