Public Speaking: Enjoy your STAGE TIME

Today’s question: do you enjoy your time on stage in the spotlight?

OK OK, your answer might well be a resounding ‘no’.

After all, if you’re here looking for public speaking tips that probably means you lack a bit of confidence on stage and need a little encouragement. 

Bring the audience with you

One reason why it’s so important to enjoy your time on stage is that the audience can sense your positive mood and go along with you. Whether things are going great or you’re having a trying time, it’s how you respond to events that makes the difference. 

Trying times on stage might include AV equipment not working or you momentarily forgetting what you were supposed to say. It’s all part of the fun of live entertainment.

If the audience had wanted slick production values and perfection they could watch a movie or a pre-recorded training course. Instead, part of the deal of watching a live speaker is understanding that things don’t always go according to plan.

Laugh off the slip-ups

In my case, a couple of weeks ago, I was at an event speaking to 130 women engineers in a wonderful , central London venue.

I was acting out a scene and trying to demonstrate something to the audience when I went to lean against the wall. I didn’t realise that I was about to lean against a flimsy projection screen rather than a solid wall and I slipped and stumbled.


What happened next?

The audience cracked up laughing.

And how did I respond?

Well I could have acted really embarrassed and spent the rest of my talk mentally kicking myself for screwing up.

But instead, I thought it was very funny as well so I laughed too. And that created a bonding moment between the speaker and the audience. We all had a bit of a collective laugh and a joke over my slip up and then I just carried on.

S0 if you have an attitude of “Let’s have fun together!” about you when you’re up on stage, the audience will really sense that.

The audience is rooting for you

Remember that they’re with you, they’re rooting for you, they want you to do well. They don’t want to sit through a dry, uncomfortable presentation with a speaker who clearly doesn’t want to be there. They want you to enjoy and they want to enjoy as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re delivering serious content. I’m not talking about telling jokes, but I’m talking about enjoying the opportunity of being there with the audience.

Maybe you’re in the wonderful position of being a subject expert, or you’re there to persuade or to connect and to share your message. Whatever your purpose for being on stage, try to experience the joy of being there, and remember that there are so many people who’d love to be on stage and in your shoes.

Think Positive!

If you have that attitude when you go on stage, it will shine out of you. It will be amazing, you will enjoy it and your audience will enjoy you. And even if you’re a little bit nervous, it doesn’t matter. Just remember that you’re there to serve your audience and that your ego needs to keep quiet and stay in the background!

Next time you’re about to speak to a group, I want you to think “I want to enjoy this”, “I will enjoy this”, “This will be fun!”.

Make sure to think positive. Visualise your talk having a great outcome that’s energising, that puts you in a good position, that has your audience feeling happy and satisfied that they were there with you. If you have that sort of attitude, then whatever happens on the stage, you will come out on top.

That’s it from me. Enjoy your next presentation and, in the words of Kool and the Gang, ‘Have some fun!’


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