Public Speaking – Why bother with COACHING?

This week, let’s discuss why you might want to find yourself a public speaking coach. In fact, any kind of coach!

There’s no shame in needing assistance

Early this week, I received a phone call from a business owner who’s based in the Middle East. He’s been struggling a little bit with his communications. As well as presenting at industry conferences, he also has to speak to suppliers, clients, his team and, of course, he has to pitch for new business.

He expressed to me very openly and honestly that he was struggling and he knew that he could do better. He admitted that some of his communication is unfocused and ineffective.

The upshot is that he’s travelling here to the UK to work with me for a week of intensive VIP coaching.

Already a successful businessman, my new client is humble enough to realise that he could improve and, that he can take his business and his personal development to the next level by receiving some help.

So how about you?

Here are three reasons why you might want to get yourself a coach.

1 – A Coach can pick up on things that you can’t see

A coach can pick up on what we sometimes can’t detect. There might be something you’re doing that might need a little bit of a tweak – or indeed, some major restructuring! – but you can’t see it. That’s one reason why a coach can be extremely helpful. They give you an expert, external opinion.

2 – Do You need to be held to account?

I was speaking to a well-established coach just recently. She said she doesn’t like the word “Accountability”. In her opinion, people need to take “Responsibility”. It’s down to them, it’s not the coach’s job.

Nevertheless, the coach can help you see where you need to be more responsible for your actions. Or if accountability is your thing, then the coach can hold you to account. The coach can help to keep your word.

Yes, we could ask partners, siblings, friends and colleagues to do this for us, but sometimes they have a vested interest in the outcome. A coach will listen objectively to your goals, help you break down your targets into actionable steps and then help to keep you on track.

3 – You want to make continuous improvements

You want to keep getting better.. and better.. and better.. If you look at some of the top performers, whether they’re athletes, whether they’re business people, many of them have coaches. They understand that as humans we tend to want to operate in our comfort zone.

Once we’ve figured out how to make something work well enough, most of us are happy to stay at that level. You need somebody to keep you growing and pushing harder, pushing further for the sake of continuous improvement. It’s not always about money or achieving more. While some of us are very goal oriented other’s are looking to be the best they can be from a personal development perspective. Whether you’re goal orientated or want to be the best version of yourself, or both, a coach can really help.

If you want to keep making strides, whether in public speaking or in almost any other pursuit, then a coach can really help!


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