From company-wide keynotes, to leadership training, to small-group strategic action sessions, Shola’s programmes are customised, relevant, and actionable. She’ll sit with you, taking the time to discover the nuances of your organisation, ensuring that your speech feels tailor-made for your audience.

Shola delivers virtually, and has a global client base. She’s culturally sensitive, understanding that different audiences respond better to different examples, analogies, and stories.

Her programmes are super-engaging and highly interactive, as Shola loves involving her audiences through polls, Q&As, and chats. She likes to call her speeches ‘conversations’ and, because of the high levels of customisation and interplay, no two sessions are identical.

Expect inspiration, interaction, and insight!

Shola Kaye keynote speaker

SELF-LEADERSHIP & CULTURE: Harnessing the power of Empathy

– To improve inclusion, productivity and engagement (Suitable for all employees and delegates)

Creating a workplace where everyone feels that they belong is more important than ever before, but how can you build supportive, cohesive environments within your organisation?
This is a high-impact, informational keynote speech that references research and analysis. You’ll walk away with the tools and the inspiration to become a more compassionate and effective leader, manager, or individual contributor. It can be modified for senior leaders, management, and whole-company keynotes.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the different types of empathy and their impact on your well-being
  • Find out how empathy can have an effect upon diversity, inclusion, engagement, innovation, and happiness
  • Walk away with a simple three-step framework for being empathetic in nearly every situation
  • Watch a live demonstration or (optional) participate in a short breakout to discuss and practise the strategies
  • Optional downloads contain conversation starters and simple strategies to help you keep the momentum up, providing reminders and prompts to take action

Keynote or workshop

Virtual session? We’ll use chat and other forms of interactivity to encourage engagement.

CULTURE, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Use empathy to create a workplace of respect and belonging

Develop your listening, courage, and compassion to build an environment of trust and inclusivity

Bring our whole selves to work? How is that possible when we may not be accepted and valued by our colleagues?
This inspiring, story-based keynote speech shares personal experiences, tools, and interactive exercises to help you see the value of ensuring everyone feels they belong. We’ll look at the important themes of  curiosity, courage and being a catalyst and you’ll understand the vital components of empathy, how to be compassionate while avoiding burnout, and why skills like emotional intelligence are in high demand.

Learning objectives:

  • Develop your listening skills so those around you feel supported and encouraged
  • Build on your bravery and understand why impact matters more than intent
  • Understand the key components of Empathy and how to become a more empathic colleague, friend and family member
  • Become a catalyst for the growth of those around you
  • Optional 30 Day Empathy Plan is available to all participants, encouraging them to exercise empathy on a daily basis

Keynote or workshop

Are you ready to implement a company-wide Diversity & Inclusion programme?
Find out about ‘From Empathy to Equity,’ Shola’s comprehensive DEI offering.
Shola kaye inclusion speaker

LEADERSHIP, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Inclusive, empathic leadership for the post-pandemic workplace

Equip your leaders with the skills and knowledge to combat bias and foster belonging

It’s 2021 and, more than a year after Covid hit, we know that many workplaces will never be the same again. That’s why leaders need an expanded repertoire of skills and know-how to ensure staff are engaged, happy and productive. In this highly impactful programme, leaders are given the skill set to flourish in today’s complex work environments, managing ever more diverse and demanding teams.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the importance of listening and empathy for building trust and engagement
  • Recognise the importance of DEI initiatives, from a human and business perspective
  • Discover what it takes to develop an environment of psychological safety 
  • Walk away with strategies to improve emotional connection during virtual communication
  • Recognise the most prevalent biases in the workplace and how to break them
  • Review the employee life-cycle, including recruitment, hiring, development, and promotion, learning practical strategies to increase equity at each stage
  • Understand microaggressions, their damaging impact and how to deal with aggressors
  • Learn about allyship, how to advocate for your team, and go beyond by becoming an accomplice

60 – 120 min virtual workshop, half-day seminar, or can be delivered over a series of sessions

CULTURE, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Microaggressions & Bystander interventions – an empathic approach

What are these harmful behaviours and how do we deal with them?

Microaggressions are the brief and commonplace verbal, behavioural or environmental slights, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative attitudes. Many of us use them so casually, without recognising the assumptions and bias they contain. But if we understood our faulty models, and adopted an attitude of empathy, how would things change?
We’ll explore microaggressions, how to deal with them as a recipient and ways to respond as a bystander. Understand the damage they can do in the workplace if left unchecked and examine the results of psychological studies that reveal the impact of this problem.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the different types of microaggression, including microinsults and microinvalidations
  • Develop an awareness of the underlying biases that give rise to microaggressions (eg assumption of criminality; ascription of intelligence)
  • Discover the impact  (psychological, physical and performance-related) of common microaggressions used against minority groups including racial, LGBT+ and people with disabilities
  • Walk away with a variety of strategies for responding to microaggressions that take into account your personality type and environment
  • Understand the principles behind bystander interventions and learn a simple model to help you take action

30-60 min keynote or 90-120 min workshop

Shola Kaye speaker
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– Develop the skills to support and co-create your colleagues’ success (Session is suitable for all employees, not just managers)

At work and in our personal lives, delivering effective feedback is a valuable skill. Delivered in the right way, feedback can be empowering, inspiring and can drive an individual, and their team, towards fantastic success. 
However, delivered in the wrong way, feedback can be divisive, demotivating, and destructive. And when we avoid giving feedback to spare someone’s feelings, the eventual outcome can be just as damaging. 
So what’s your intention as a manager? Is it to break or build? To crush or to co-create? Do you restrict your feedback to the obligatory once or twice a year, or do you feedback continuously, increasing the motivation and confidence of your team members?
This interactive, high energy keynote contains insightful stories,  impactful data, and valuable tools  you can use again and again. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the importance of providing ongoing, tailored, empathetic developmental feedback
  • Explore the repercussions of poor feedback styles such as The Drive-by, The Comparison, The Public Humiliation, and The Wrecking Ball
  • Discover the four elements required to create psychological safety so that your feedback is well-received
  • Take away an effective strategy for delivering feedback as an individual contributor
  • Learn three different feedback frameworks and the pros and cons of each

Keynote or workshop