How to create and deliver your speech

This brief and straightforward 4 part video series is designed to get you started on your public speaking journey. Each video is only a few minutes long. We could obviously go into far more depth on each of the topics mentioned here but think of these videos as the quick start guide rather than the full user manual!

Use them to help you create and deliver a speech that will

  • have a clear point
  • be memorable
  • deliver value
  • have an engaging beginning and ending.

If you’re writing a speech from scratch, feel free to pause the video after each slide and write down your ideas. Once you have an outline, take the time to flesh out your entire speech.

Don’t forget to practise. The more times you run through it, the more comfortable you’ll be on stage.

Remember that it’s all about stage time. Take every opportunity you can to speak in front of an audience.

Good luck, and enjoy!