Women in Data and communication specialist, Shola Kaye, have partnered to create the SPEAK UP sessions.
This is a series of punchy, interactive online webinars and coaching sessions to help you advance at work.
NEXT SESSION: Wednesday October 21st, 7-8pm
Topic: Energise and engage your audience, online and off
As we start to return to our workplaces, we need a range of presentation skills that’ll help us fully engage our audiences during both webinars and in-person meetings.

Do the work to become a stand out presenter. During this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Unite your audience and engage them from the outset of your talk
  • Demonstrate control and confidence, even when presenting to senior leaders
  • Create intrigue and interest as you  progress through your presentation
The Women in Data SPEAK UP sessions are designed to give you the communication skills you need for today’s fast-paced, high pressure work environment

Held on a drop-in basis, each session will teach you some new tips, tricks and frameworks you can implement immediately

  • Come to the sessions prepared to speak!
  • Everyone will have a chance to practise what they learn in a small, supportive breakout group
  • Turn up with your camera ON and ready for action
  • Virtual sessions allow you to participate from wherever you are
  • These sessions are interactive – please attend live as there will be no replays
  • Sign up and you’ll be notified about each session
  • A few hours before each session we’ll email you the Zoom link; simply click and join us!

The format of each 40 – 60 minute session is:

  1. Intro to today’s topic
  2. Learn a speaking or confidence tip from Shola
  3. Split into breakouts to practice (typically 2-4 people per room)
  4. Learn a second tip or framework
  5. Split into breakouts to practice
  6. Q&A
  7. Done!
When you sign up, we’ll send you details of EACH monthly SPEAK UP session by email.

If you like that month’s topic and intend to come along, just click on the Zoom registration link in your email

Can’t make it? No problem.

As long as you stay on the sign up list, you’ll be notified about upcoming sessions.

Sorry, no replays as these sessions are interactive and designed for in-person attendance.

Your contact information will not be shared with outside parties. Only Shola and Women in Data will have access.

About Shola

I understand what it’s like to want to brush up on your communication and presentation skills to make an impact at work. Early in my career, as an IT management consultant, I struggled badly to speak up, so much so that I was put on probation in one role for not saying enough during meetings. I can laugh now but at the time it really shook my confidence.

These days I’m a communication specialist, author of two books and an award-winning speaker. I’m also a LinkedIn Learning Instructor with tens of thousands of online students.

I love sharing simple frameworks and models to help people communicate with ease and my work has been mentioned in Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and Forbes. Clients include Deloitte, American Express and The Financial Conduct Authority.

If I can turn my situation around, you can too, so come along to the sessions and learn some quick to implement tools that will make a genuine difference!

What people say about Shola’s workshops and training

Shola’s energy and engagement skills are very strong. We have experienced her skills live and online and her engagement and results are exactly the same in both settings which is a true strength. Gael Pan-Helleux, Executive Director, FOCUS-info UK

Shola led the session with great energy, which was very welcomed during these times! She also made sure everybody had a chance to participate if they wanted to, allowing us to practice while learning. I would definitely recommend her. Karen-Jean Francois, Senior Data Analyst

I attended one of Shola’s public speaking workshops recently and it was a brilliant, practical and fun day. I now know how to structure my speech and/or presentation, I feel more confident about public speaking and overall I feel well equipped to say YES to speaking opportunities because I feel I now know how to go about it. Karen Liebenguth, Executive Coach