5 Steps to Help You Ooze Charisma

What is charisma? You could ask ten different people that same question and you may get ten different answers. Charisma is a trait that many leaders and prominent figures in society possess. It allows them to capture the attention and affection of an audience. It is essentially the charm, the “it factor,” that some people are naturally born with, and some may have to work for. But when it comes down to it, anyone can have charisma.

Here are 5 ways to boost your own:

1. Be a good listener

One of the most important qualities of charismatic people is that they are great listeners, and often will hear you out in full before speaking. So try listening to someone else’s thoughts before offering your own. Shine the spotlight on them and watch them flourish and enjoy your attention.

2. Make lots of eye contact

Truly charismatic people are good at keeping eye contact while they’re speaking to you. Most of us look away to access our thoughts and then glance back from time to time to reconnect with the person. But try this: while you’re in conversation, DON’T look away! It’s harder than you think but with practice you’ll get better and better at it. And you’ll also be more present to what you’re saying.

3. Gesticulate like you mean it!

Charismatic people tend to make bold gestures. They point to things. They hold their arms open wide. They shrug meaningfully. Their gestures are amplified and even if you couldn’t hear them speak, you’d get a decent idea of how they’re feeling just from watching.

So, experiment with this…when you’re chatting to your nearest and dearest and feel comfortable, try amplifying your gestures a little bit. You may find it fun. At the beginning it’ll probably feel like clowning around and over the top, but as you get used to it it’ll help you feel your emotions even more deeply, turn you into a better communicator and of course, top up your charisma factor!

4. Have the courage to lead

Many charismatic people are leaders and are original in their ideas and assertions. Don’t be afraid to show the world what you have to offer. People like it when someone takes a bold stance as it gives them something to react to. Be that person. Make the first move. State your opinion. It might be scary but everyone else is probably admiring you for your courage.

5. Try raising the volume of your voice…just a little bit

Try speaking just a tiny bit louder…it’ll give you more confidence in what you’re saying and will give others the impression you’re more committed to the conversation, more energised and more interesting.

I’m not suggesting you start yelling across restaurants or making it hard for everyone around you to hear themselves. That’s just irritating. But turning up the volume by just a little notch can go a long way to increasing your charisma factor.

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