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Hi, I’m Shola. Are you interested in improving your communication? If you’re watching this video I guess that you are I want to share with you today a little bit about my latest book which is called Big Talk, Small Talk and Everything in Between. It’s a book that’s packed full of different scenarios that will help you become a better communicator.

This book was commissioned by a company called Callisto, they’re based in California. They had looked at my first book How to be a DIVA at Public Speaking and decided they wanted me to be the author for this book. This was my second book. The way Callisto publishing works is they basically look for gaps in the market. They look for topics that need to be covered more thoroughly or perhaps are of great interest to readers and then they commission authors like myself to write books on those topics.

Public Speaking – the book has been written to fill a gap in the market

So, they had obviously spotted a gap in the market for a scenario-based book on communication skills and that’s when they got in touch with me at the end of 2019 to ask me if I wanted to write this book and I was very happy to. I’ve already got a second book that I’d I’ve written and I haven’t got it published yet because I couldn’t face doing self-publishing and didn’t have time to look for a publisher.

When Callisto got in touch with me it was really exciting because it was like ‘OK, great! Obviously I’m meant to get a second book out there quite rapidly.’ I spent the month of, months really, of January and February writing this book and looking at different scenarios that I’d want to include. Very helpfully Callisto gave me an outline in terms of the chapters that they wanted the book to have.

This is the book here. You can see that (I don’t know if it’s actually going to come out back to front or if I need to mirror this when put this video up) you can see that what they’ve done is illustrate it really nicely. The inside of the book, the front cover and the back cover as well. They commissioned these illustrations especially for the book and it’s been typeset really nicely too.

Communication – learn how to ace everyday interactions

The way the book’s set up is there are different chapters. The first chapter is talking about communication strategies for life, the different sorts of interactions that we have on a day-to-day basis and the various skills that we need to have so that we can ace those interactions. And it looks at things like emphasis and how we communicate, whether that’s with words, without words, whether it’s with body language and so on.

Communication – mastering small talk, even as an introvert

Then it goes into these different areas, the Big Talk, Small Talk and Everything in Between. The Small Talk comes first and as someone who’s a bit of an introvert I’ve never particularly enjoyed small talk so it was quite an interesting challenge for me writing a chapter on small talk. I was looking at it from the perspective of ‘what sort of tips would I, as an introvert, would have liked to have learned?’ And so these are the ones that I included. That’s chapter two.

Communication – handle high stake situations like a pro

Chapter three is on Big Talk and that’s all about deeper conversations or more important high stakes situations that you may be in. An example is disagreeing with somebody without hurting the relationship. Another example is when people share a message with you or they tell you something but there’s actually an underlying message that they haven’t conveyed with words but they want you to pick up. There’s also a scenario where you may be meeting perhaps a partner’s family for the first time and being faced with a bit of an inquisition, so I talk about that from personal experience in particular.

Public Speaking – communicate well with body language and in writing

Then the next chapter starts looking at bodytalk (singing bodytalk, I don’t know if you know that song by Imagination but it starts looking at body language not bodytalk). So, looking at body language and also using facial expressions to get your point across. That’s chapter four. Chapter five is all about written communication so perhaps emails, even using signs so sort of signage that you might use around the house perhaps putting a sign on the door to let your family know “don’t come in, I’m doing some work right now.”

Communication – there are many different scenarios you’ll be able to apply to your own life

So yeah, it’s a pretty wide-ranging book. The thing with scenarios is, obviously there are tons of different scenarios that we could be in so I had to be quite selective about which scenarios I decided to include in the book. Hopefully even if the situations that you’re in personally aren’t quite 100% in sync with the scenarios that I’ve selected to go in the book, you’ll be able to draw some parallels and take something away from each of those scenarios that you can then apply to your own situations and your own life.

Whether that’s your working life, your social life, going out dating, meeting people for the first time, communicating by email, all of those. I’m pretty excited about the book. I love the fact that it’s been illustrated so nicely and it looks lovely. And it’s (depending on when you read this) it’s available for pre-order from right now, today is middle of October 2020 and then it will go on sale in early November, the 10th of November in 2020.

Public Speaking – get access to curated content and learn even more about communication skills

I’d love for you to check out a bit more about the book and I also have a page of curated content online that goes alongside this book. I’ve put together some of my favourite and I think most useful and helpful video blogs. If you want to sign up for that once you’ve got the book there’s a signup page so you can also get access to the curated videos.

That’s it. Hopefully that’s enough to pique your interest so if you want to find out more about the book you can go to and of course I’ll make sure the link is below this video as well. That’s it for now, that’s the information about the new book and I hope you enjoy.

Take care, bye 🙂

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