Speaking for women in industry


Looking for a super-engaging speaker (online and off), MC or chair for your next Women in Industry or Employee Resource Group event? Shola is dedicated to advancing the progress of women in the workplace, whether with an interactive communications masterclass or a keynote speech. She shares personal stories to connect with her audience as well [...]

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Speaker coaching for companies


IS YOUR TEAM LOW ENERGY OR LACKING IN CONFIDENCE WHEN IT COMES TO SPEAKING ON VIDEO AND AT EVENTS? What’s that costing you in terms of lack of impact, lost business and poor communication with colleagues, clients and prospects? Maybe your teams are performing poorly because information isn’t shared in a clear and timely way? [...]

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Keynote speaking


Award-winning speaker and author Shola Kaye MSc is an award-winning speaker and author who spent the first part of her career in IT consultancy in the U.S.A. and the U.K. Her experiences as a minority: black, female and introvert, led to an interest in learning to create inclusive workplaces with open, supportive communication. Shola went [...]

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The post Covid 19 public speaking plan: why now is a great time to learn


https://youtu.be/vnX-EXM2bRY Public speaking will be an important skill post-covid Hi. Post-COVID, as we start to get back to the office, as we start to go back to normal, whatever normal is these days, is public speaking a useful skill to have? And I certainly think, yes. Public speaking will never go out of style Hi. [...]

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