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Award-winning speaker and author Shola Kaye MSc is an award-winning speaker and author who spent the first part of her career in IT consultancy in the U.S.A. and the U.K. Her experiences as a minority: black, female and introvert, led to an interest in learning to create inclusive workplaces with open, supportive communication. Shola went [...]

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Can I learn public speaking in an online course?

2020-08-22T16:48:13+00:00 Learning public speaking skills online is possible Can you learn public speaking from an online course? Good question. Hi, I'm Shola K. I'm a professional speaker trainer and also a professional speaker, and I definitely think that you can learn public speaking skills from online courses. Online classes are just as affective as in-person [...]

Can I learn public speaking in an online course?2020-08-22T16:48:13+00:00