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Corporate Masterclasses and Workshops

Effective, enjoyable, tailor-made

Off the shelf is B.O.R.I.N.G. That’s why I take your needs into account before creating your masterclass or workshop.

From showing you how to peep ‘behind the curtain’ and deconstruct a great presentation, to using examples from your industry, it’s my job to create classes that fit your requirements like a glove.

I always arrange a pre-session phone interview with you or your team to find out the challenges you’re facing and why you need my help.

I create a day or series of days of training that work with your schedule. And you can mix and match from any of the content I offer.

Why send your team to a cookie cutter workshop when they can attend a bespoke class?

It’s like comparing fast food to having a top chef come to your home with a special menu for you and your guests.

Find out how I’m not the same as your typical speaker coach.

Public Speaking Classes

Effective, enjoyable, practical

Not everyone wants to present, but it’s an incredible skill to have.

As someone who was once a very nervous speaker, I understand what fear of public speaking feels like.

That’s why my classes are informal and insightful. I share tips and advice to take the stress out of speaking.

Most importantly, I work with attendees to help them be themselves on stage so they feel comfortable and at ease during their presentations.

The Curriculum

First, using my D.I.V.A. methodology I share the fundamentals of public speaking. How to be:

  • engaging and dynamic on stage
  • inspiring by connecting using the power of stories
  • clear and to the point with a valuable, easy-to-follow structure
  • yourself on stage so your confidence comes from an authentic place

Attendees learn to:

  • deal with anxiety and public speaking fears
  • make their talks interactive and punchy so the audience wants more
  • tell stories that are vibrant and persuasive
Taking it further

What I love about working with clients is providing bespoke classes based on their precise needs. No ‘off the shelf’ solutions here!

That’s why we also explore:

  • your body language and how it’s interpreted by the audience
  • your persona as a speaker and how to give your audience a richer experience
  • using NLP to feel amazing on stage
  • how to handle your Q&A session the right way
  • how to open and close with a bang
  • how to transition through your presentation in a way that sells in your ideas before you even share them
Worried about a big meeting where you’ll have to speak off the cuff?

Our Speak Up On The Spot training will help! No more fuzzy answers that wander all around town.

You’ll learn:

  • how to speak up with gravitas and presence
  • a variety of frameworks for sharing opinions, stories and results with punch and clarity
  • how to pitch your ideas so people listen
  • how to handle that ‘under-pressure’ feeling
  • how to hedge when you don’t want to answer a question directly


“All sections of the workshop were relevant to everyone, no matter what industry sector they were in. There was full participation from the group and high levels of noise in the room!  Everyone was talking with their partner at every opportunity. Exercises were clearly explained and the content assumed a level of seniority and wasn’t at all patronising. I would highly recommend this workshop to colleagues and associates.” – Charlotte Rottenburg, Hearst Live/Harper’s Bazaar

Julie Lithgow, Director of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers