Public Speaking – How do you get more speaking opportunities?

If you’re a business owner wanting to promote what you do, or a budding speaker, where do you find your speaking opportunities? And what do you do to stand out?

Public speaking – opportunities for all

Quite often, I’ll see speaking opportunities posted on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram (I’m not on Twitter so much but I’m sure they’re posted there too!)

And what do you see after that? Sometimes 50, 100 or more responses saying ‘Choose me! Choose me!’

It can be a bit of a downer seeing so many people responding to seemingly scarce opportunities.

Good news…there are more speaking gigs out there than you may think!

Additional good news…you CAN make your responses to these calls for speakers stand out from the crowd by doing something quite simple and straightforward.

Public speaking – stand out from the crowd

You need to drop the energy of having to prove yourself in terms of how long you’ve been speaking, why you’re so great etc etc… and instead…get focused on how you can serve the audience.

Why is your content so suitable?

How will you engage them?

How will your talk transform them?

Think about the good time you’ll bring to that audience and share that, rather than being hell-bent on sharing your every last credential in a bid to get selected.

Watch the video to find out more and remember…ask yourself NOT why you’re so amazing but instead, how you can give the audience an amazing time.

That is what you share with the event organiser to stand out from the crowd.


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