How to grow your business with public speaking!

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Would you like to grow your business and increase your impact with public speaking. Well, if that’s the case, then this video is for you, because I’m going to show you and teach you how to be a star.

Hi, I’m Shola Kaye, I’m a public speaking coach. based in London, I’ve got clients all over the world. And today I am here in Hyderabad, India. And if you can hear a few horns and a bit of traffic noise, that’s because my hotel is right above one of the major express routes going through the city. And I’m here to run a workshop in a couple of days time on empathy in the workplace. Today, in this video, we are going to talk not about empathy in the workplace, but about how you can get more work more clients more business with public speaking, using this simple framework.

And the framework is one that I put together, which is called the star framework, STAR. And STAR is an acronym that stands for the four things that you must do, if you want to go out there and win business through public speaking.

Public speaking – your SIGNATURE TALK

And the first one is this. You need to have a signature talk. A signature talk is the talk that you give, that basically gives people some information and some inspiration around what you do, who you are, what your business is, and why people should be looking to you to work with you or to buy your products or your services. Your sick talk should be inspirational. Because it’s hopefully arousing something in people that makes them want to seek you out to get more, it should have a bit of information so that people understand that you are somebody who can provide good content, and can take them on a journey from where they are now to where they need to be.

And also your signature talk should have some component whereby it formerly allows people the opportunity to take the next step with you. In my course how to get clients with speaking, we look specifically at how to write that signature talk and how to put it together so that it has the right elements of inspiration, information. Also, of course, wanting to take people wanting to get people to want that next step with you.

Public speaking – TRACKING DOWN opportunities

Then we’ve got t which is stands for tracking down speaking opportunities. So you need some sort of methods to find the opportunities and track them down. It’s not good enough to hang around on social media and just hope that you see the author being displayed there. Because if you do that, you’re going to find that there’ll be lots of competition, lots of other people chasing after those same opportunities. Also, you want to way that gives you control over the opportunities. So you’re not just waiting for what comes up. But you have a methodical approach to finding these opportunities to tracking them down, like Sherlock Holmes, or the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, who are those teen detectives. You want a way to be able to do that regularly consistently. So you can have all the speaking opportunities that you want.

Public speaking – APPLY for speaking gigs

Next is a which is applying for those speaking opportunities. So you found them you have located this rich source of speaking gigs. But then the next thing is you’ve got to impress that event organizer. So much so that they think right, we must get this speaker in to speak to this audience. Because if we don’t we stupid, right, or if we don’t, we’ll be missing out. So the next thing, you need a system for applying for those opportunities, you need a way to present yourself so that you become irresistible as a speaker.

Public speaking – REHEARSE like a pro

Then finally, in this little star framework, you need all and the art is about rehearsing. It’s not only rehearsing the talk that you give, so that it’s word perfect, because we don’t always need to be word perfect. Quite often it’s about being conversational. But to my mind rehearsing is all the bits that come before and even after your presentation to make sure that you’ve maximized that opportunity. So it’s around knowing what are the things that you must take with you so that you minimize any risk of your presentation going wrong? How do you prepare? What do you actually need to assist you when you’re in the room? What do you need to check out in that room beforehand, so that you know that it’s set up again for your success.

And then of course, after the presentation, what do you need to do after that presentation to maximize every opportunity to get more referrals, to get your testimonials? You need all those things that will help you to keep your speaking going. So that each speaking opportunities almost like an avalanche, and it leads to more opportunities for you. So that’s all, as I say, not just about rehearsing. But it’s also about all these other bits and pieces that come around the presentation, so that you can really maximize the opportunity.

Public speaking – the STAR recap

So that’s it just a short one today, that’s my staff framework, how to get the most out of speaking to grow your business or to make more of an impact. And that stands for having your signature talk, S. T is for making sure that you know how to track down those speaking opportunities on a regular basis. Then we’ve got A which is about applying for those opportunities. And then finally R which stands for rehearsing. So you get the max from each and every speaking opportunity that is accessible to you.

So I hope that helps.

And if you are curious about how to implement star in more detail, then why don’t you check out my upcoming live events that I’m going to be running twice a month, which will be all around how to speak to grow your business. And they’ll be completely free, they’ll be run twice a month on a regular basis. So please do come along and check those out.

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And if you are interested in that step that offer rehearsal, then I do have a freebie which is called the ultimate public speaking checklist. It’s named may change. But it provides a lot of the tips around what you need to do before, during and after your presentation to really Ace it. So if you can’t find that around, if I don’t yet have the link to put beneath this particular video, then please feel free to reach out to me and I can give you the link for that particular guide.

That’s it for me for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this short video today.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon.


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