Public Speaking – How to have more STAGE CONFIDENCE

So how do you become confident enough to stand on stage and speak?

That’s what we look at this week.

Public speaking – afraid and shaking like a leaf

I remember the first time I ever sang in front of an audience…and it wasn’t even on stage. It was in rehearsal.

I was shaking like a leaf and the lyric sheet I held in my trembling hand was flapping so noisily that I had to ask for a music stand to place it on.

Public speaking – afraid of my mind going blank

The first time I delivered a public speech I gave myself seven weeks to learn it word for word. I was so afraid I might blank out on stage and forget what I had to say.

We could all do with  a bit more confidence, especially when we’re just starting out speaking.

Watch the video to hear the tips I share on how to accomplish this.


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