Public Speaking – is it helpful to have a book?

Recently, a few people have asked me if I thought writing my book was worth the time and effort. I would say yes! And here are three reasons why:

1- Enhances your credibility as a speaker

Having a book gives you cred. There have been opportunities I’ve been given, such as speaking at events for Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as being called up by the BBC to provide guest commentary, which I doubt I’d have received if I didn’t have my book. It can also give you a slight edge over other speakers, all other things being equal.

2- Sweetens the pot/provides an incentive to hire you for public speaking

Use your book as an incentive. You can provide copies for goodie bags, offer them at cost price to event organisers or even provide PDF copies to participants. Again, having this extra gift or piece of collateral can make booking you more attractive.

3- Provides content for repurposing

You can use excerpts from your book for blog posts, social media posts, as the basis for videos and Facebook lives and so much more. Once you’ve done the hard work, repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!! And of course, every post that’s out there working for you in the world makes it a little easier to be found and booked.


If you can’t bear the thought of writing a book alone, then join group coaching programmes such as Chandler Bolt’s Self Publishing School, or Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula. You could get yourself a book-writing coach or start simply by reading a book like Chandler Bolt’s ‘Published’.

You could even team up with other writers and submit a single chapter to a compilation project.

So if it appeals, get writing!! If not, never fear…there are myriad ways you can market your business and promote what you do, so just find one that suits you and that you enjoy!

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