LinkedIn Learning: Energize and Engage Your Audience


Shola teaches what it takes to be an engaging presenter Learn how to be an engaging presenter — one that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats — in this course with public speaking coach Shola Kaye. Use Shola's proven tools and techniques be a more dynamic, inspiring presenter, regardless of subject matter. In [...]

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How to be a D.I.V.A. at Public Speaking


Shola's book In this accessible, unique and practical book, you'll learn how to be a DYNAMIC, INSPIRING, VALUABLE and AUTHENTIC presenter. You will walk away with: The four step DIVA Speaking SystemTMA step-by-step process to help you craft, remember and deliver a high quality presentationHow to prepare mentally and physically for your next talkWhere to find speaking gigs and how to keep [...]

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Can I learn public speaking in an online course?

2020-08-22T16:48:13+00:00 Learning public speaking skills online is possible Can you learn public speaking from an online course? Good question. Hi, I'm Shola K. I'm a professional speaker trainer and also a professional speaker, and I definitely think that you can learn public speaking skills from online courses. Online classes are just as affective as in-person [...]

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6 Weeks to Speaking Success

2020-08-25T14:37:17+00:00 6 Weeks to Speaking Success! The Online Program An easy-to-use system to help you build confidence, wow your audiences and be YOU on stage. Maybe you’ve done some public speaking before but you don’t have much training and worry that you’re not doing it ‘right’? Do you want to experience joy on stage, rather than anxiety? Would [...]

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