Public Speaking – Be aware of your ENERGY!

A client came to me recently and described feeling surges of fear before speaking. The feeling is actually quite normal – it’s just the body pumping us up with energy in anticipation of our speaking opportunity. So don’t say you’re full of fear, just say you’re full of energy and anticipation!

Here are three important points to consider regarding your energy during public speaking. Watch the video for examples and a deeper discussion.

1. Do you need to dissipate energy before public speaking?

If you’re feeling jittery and flustered you may need to release some excess energy before you get on stage. You can do this by shaking your legs under the table or tapping your foot. Deep breathing can also help.

2. Do you need to pump yourself up before speaking?

You might want to pop to another room and do a few star jumps, floor press-ups or wall press-ups to get the energy flowing through you. This will get your blood pumping and give you the extra bit of energy needed to serve your audience. The larger the group you’re speaking to, typically the more you’ll have to give out. If it’s a small group, you can create a more intimate experience but if you’re speaking to hundreds then it’s important to come across as vibrant, and BIG.

3. Be aware of an energy mismatch with your audience

If your audience is pumped up and you come out and start speaking in a very lacklustre tone, you can switch them right off. Likewise, if they’re mellow – maybe they’ve just eaten lunch – and you come out like Tigger the Tiger, bouncing up and down, that can be equally disconcerting. Watch the video to hear an example of how I really screwed this up a few years ago.

One way to counter this is to ‘match and pace’. Start out by matching the audience’s energy…then slowly ramp up (or down) to where you want to go. You’ll be much more persuasive if you’re aware of your audience’s state and take that into consideration, rather than doing your own thing from the outset.


Have an awareness of your energy before you next go on stage, and keep these tips in mind to help you ace your next speaking opportunity!


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