Public Speaking – Develop your OWN STYLE

The idea of having your own style – the way that you do things when you’re on stage – may seem like a luxury to you at the moment. 

Typically, especially if we leave our preparation to the last minute, elements such as style and flair fall by the wayside because there’s no time left to work on them!!

What’s your public speaking style?

If you could be the kind of speaker that you’d like to be, what would you be like on stage? Commanding? Authoritative? Playful? Knowledgeable? Nurturing?

The thing is… unless we start asking ourselves questions like this, we’ll probably never come up with an answer.

Audience Comments when Public Speaking

Early this month, I was running a workshop called “Your Speaker’s Toolbox”. It’s content I also include in all my group coaching and online programs.

This toolbox shares skills such as how to project your voice and improve your diction. And of course, it also explores your on-stage style.

One of the workshop attendees told me he thought the content was ‘fresh and original’.

I started thinking about this word “fresh” and I really liked that he used it to describe my work. It is something that I’m trying to do, trying to present my information in a different and refreshing way.

But for you, it might be about being detailed, or methodical, or thorough, or high level, or big picture.

Regardless, I’d love you to think about who are you as a speaker. And who you’d like to be.

Which of those particular descriptions describes the way that you want to come across? Or if it’s not one of those, which is it? Write down a few adjectives now that outline the kind of speaker you’d like to be ‘when you grow up’!

If we never give ourselves the time and space to ask ourselves those questions, then we’ll always be in that struggle mode when we’re just doing enough to get by – but not much more…

Ask Yourself

After your next talk, when you receive your completed audience feedback forms, what would you like them to say about you?

Take a time out right now to think about it.

Then the next time you make a presentation, while you prepare, make the answers to those questions a part of your process and see if you can work towards your desired result. 

Look at your testimonials and reviews. Examine the gap between where and who you are NOW and where and who you’d like to be as a speaker in a month’s, three months’ or six months’ time.

There. That’s my challenge for you this week. Take a few notes on it. Think about your style.

Are you somebody who’s really lively? Are you somebody who’s quiet and contemplative? Do you like to mix it up? Do you like to keep the audience on the edge of their seats?

What will they say about you after your next presentation?

It’s all in your hands!!


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